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Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee <

Queen Elizabeth II was born the 21st April 1926 in Lodon.

This is a painting of her aged 3 years old (1929)

Queen Elizabeth II's mother and father are:

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

George VI

There's her familly tree:

Lilibet Harrison

Queen Elizabeth II's jubilees

Silver Jubilee in 1977:

Ruby Jubilee in 1992:

Golden Jubilee in 2002:

no medal

Diamond Jubilee in 2012:

Sapphire Jubilee in 2017:

also no medal

Queen Elizabeth II sat on the trhone the 6 february of 1952, she was 26 years old

Her coronation took place the 2nd june 1953


Queen Elizabeth II has many residences:

-Buckingham Palace

-Windsor Castle (her favorite)


-Balmoral castle


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This is the Union Jack, it is based of:

England and Scotland made the 1606 Union Jack

This flag and the Ireland flag made the current Union Jack

Ths is the United Kingdom emblem

And the England one is a rose