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After your fall, you arrive in front of a temple. It seems like misterious.

After a peaceful trip in the uruguayan jungle, looking for treasures, you arrive in front of this ruin.

You enter in the temple. However, you hear a thud behind you. You are blocked in the temple.





You notice something in the water's reflection.

You pass the door, and suddenly, you hear a thud
behind you. You turn back and see the door closed.

You go to the next room and arrive in front of a large statue.

It's a dead end.


The story of ritual of the gods :

To appease the wrath of the gods, a ritual was created. Two young men and two young women were chosen. They left in the morning in the direction of the sun, then climbed the slope of the valley. Once they arrived they prayed all day long. Then, they set off towards the setting sun where the altar is located to sacrifice themselves in order to go up to heaven and calm the gods.

Under the trapdoor, you see another door with a wheel.

To open the door, you need to know your location.


You go through the dark and you arrive in a side room


You find an old inscription on the wall. Some letters were erased with the time.

The door opens and you get out of the temple

Congratulations, you achieved all riddles of the temple. Go to the end of the way and you will find the treasure.

You fell in a trap.
Hidden hints may save your life.

The door in front of you seems to be locked by a code, but the water under the bridge looks deep enough to dive in.

You found a treasure which looks full of gold. You pick it up and go out of the cave.

Congratulations, you escaped the temple and you're now super rich. Good job !

Congratulations, you escaped the temple, unfortunately, you missed the treasure. Will you manage to go back home? We will see that in the next part of our game.