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Plastic pollution is something we can all try to do something about by reducing the amount of plastics we use and throw away, like water bottles, plastic cups, plastic drinking straws and bags. Many of these items are blown into the oceans. They cause danger to sea creatures when creatures swallow them or get caught up in them. But plastics present a further danger to the whole marine ecosystem and ultimately our own health when they are broken down by the movement of the waves into microscopic microplastics, which can make their way into our water supplies.

Plastic in ocean

"Free Eco Poster Posted by: Speakeasy News > Friday April 20th, 2018 > Celebrations PDF Format The theme for this year's Earth Day, April 22, is "End Plastic Pollution". This US State Department poster highlights the ecological problems caused by plastic waste in our oceans and the danger it poses to marine life. It depicts many beautiful marine species such as dolphins, whales, turtles, seahorses and corals, as well as seabirds such as pelicans and puffins. The back contains information about the problems caused by plastic pollution. Larger texts are simple enough for A2 grades, and smaller, more detailed texts are available from B1. There is also a key with the creature's name written on it.

poster about the pollution