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Can you think about activities you are not allowed to do at home ?


Set your own house rules

1. Imagine the perfect house rules for you and the other members of your family !
2. Write at least 8 rules.
3. Draw a sign for one of the 8 rules.

Write the declaration of rights for your ideal school

1. Imagine the school of your dreams.
2. Groups of 3
3. Write your declaration on a piece of paper

Organiser une conférence de presse pour présenter votre République idéale.

TI 1

TI 2


Henriette HerlücksSchool

1. Teachers don't have to be very strict because it is a small school.

2. You have to be under 16 to go to this school.

3. Students mustn't call their teachers by their first names.

4. Students must wear uniforms.

  1. Take the rubbish out.

2. Do the dusting.

3. Take the dog for a walk.

4. Do the hoovering.

5. Do the ironing.

6. Mop the floor.

7. Do the washing up.

8. Make the bed

9. Cooking

Guess the right age
When is it legal in Britain to...

When is it legal ?

You are allowed to drive a car.

When is it legal ?

You are allowed to work eight hours a day.

When is it legal ?

You can get married with your parents' permission.

When is it legal ?

You can have your ears pierced, if you are accompanied by a parent.

When is it legal ?

You can work five hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays and during school holidays.