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My last holidays in Japan

by lukas

Japan is located on in Asia ,
Japan is in the Pacific Ocean.
is next to South Korea , North Korea.

maps of Japan

information :

Its capital is Tokyo and Tokyo is the most visited city in Japan.Some other major cities are Saitama,Sapporo,Sendai.Its is a big country 627,2 km²,and it counts 13,96 millions inhabitants.Their currency is the Yen.
Japan's time zone UTC+9.The first emperor of Japan and it is also the founder is Jinmu.Naruhito is the 126th Emperor of Japan Since May 1, 2019.
In Japan, they call their flag"circle of the sun flag"

I went to Japan this summer. I went with my brother. We took the plane from Paris. I had a suitcase but my brother had two. We landed in Tokyo. We selpt at the hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. When we arrived, we were hungry so we went to the restaurant Sushi Zammai Yurakucho. After going to a restaurant, we went to a retrogaming store. I found Gamecube and sega in the store. Afterwards,we went to drink in a cafe. Then we looked for the Sony building . Then we returned to the hotel. The next day we had lunch at the hotel, then we went for a walk. In the afternoon we went to the Sotoura Beach there we bathed a bit and then went to eat an ice cream. In the evening we returned to the hotel and spent one last night there. In the morning we left to get some trinkets and went to the airport.For our next destination we are thinking of going to China. And you, have
you ever been to Japan or China?