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Writing the ending of a story

8.b - OŠ Mitnica

Choking is not always a bad idea

''Help! Help please, I don't want to die!'' Lenny screamed while there was no one. It was like everyone dissapeared. Then his friend Marcus showed and bravely grabbed zombie around neck and started choking him. Zombie let Lenny go while he was saving his ''zombie'' life. Zombie started to scream:''I will kill you, you little humanly monster!''. Marcus choked him harder and he just fell down. Marcus knew he won and somehow all other people came out of nowhere and started happily screaming: ''Victory! Victory!''. ''It was my pleasure to save your life my dear friend. By the way I am so sorry that I was late for our appointment. It won't happen again ;) !'' Marcus smiled. ''It's fine but you are paying for the lunch! :)'' The next day, Marcus and Lenny were the most famous people in the city.

Lenny started running away from the zombie, but the scary looking zombie continued to chase him. Lenny was running faster than he ever imagined he could, but he still couldn't get rid of the ugly zombie. "I thought that zombies weren't that fast !", he said while he panicked. He ended up in a dark, abandoned alley. At the end of the valley there was a small house, the windows on the house were broken so he quickly jumped through the window. The house was very dusty and the walls were moldy. He thought he lost the zombie while running so he decided that the zombie wouldn't find him. He was there for few minutes when he heard people outside celebrating. When he got out of the crumbling house, he saw a bunch of people outside with cameras. He asked what was going on, and where was the zombie. "We where shooting a movie and we are celebrating because we just finished filming the last scene." said the producer, "And the zombie wasn't real, it was an actor" he said. Lenny spoted the actor who was dressed as a zombie but his face wasn't green and scary, turns out it was his friend who forgot to tell him they were filming the movie.


He started panicking inside, but he couldn"t move because he was too scared. "zombie" started walking towards him and he was closer and closer. He tried to scream but he was just too scared to do anything.

Suddenly zombie stopped and started saying something. Lenny couldn't understand him.

Lenny said quietly: "what?". Then zombie screamed: "HELP ME PLEASE! I HAVE BEEN LOCKED IN THIS TRUCK ABOUT THREE DAYS!"

Lenny was confused and said :"what do u mean!?"

zombie started being too angry, and all of a sudden he ran like there was some monsters running after him.

Lenny was too confused that he faint.

He woke up in his bad saying: "holy donuts what was that!?"

it turned out it was just a dream. What do u think?

Zombie the truck driver

Lenny quickly started running as fast as he could. He saw a zombie getting into the truck and driving it towards him. "This zombie really doesn't like me", he thought. Lenny climbed up a tree house that was in the woods. Luckily, the zombie didn't saw him getting there and he passed him with a truck. Tree house was very modern. It had TV an some really cool features. When he turned on TV the reporter on the news said:"Scary zombie just left our town, he killed 6 and injured 17 people." Lenny hapilly left the tree house and headed home.

Lenny started to run as fast as he could, but the zombie was just sadly staring at him. He didn't understand, zombies should hunt people, bite them, infect them and even eat them, but this one was different, this one didn't do anything, "Maybe, he needs help..." Lenny thought. He stopped running away. They were in the park strangely looking at each other. "Excuse me sir, do you need help?" Lenny asked. The zombie nodded and started to walk slowly towards him. There weren't any people in the park, all of them ran away. Lenny was scared, he didn't know what to do, so he started to walk too. "Maybe, this is a trap, maybe he is pretending and than he's going to eat me!" Lenny thought. The zombie fell on the floor. Lenny got scared and quickly called an ambulance.

-The ambulance arrived, they put the man in the van and took him to a hospital. After few days the ambulance called Lenny -"Hello, we are calling from the Brooklyn hospital, the name of man we took is Branko Brankić, he was working in the factory and get radioactive, he tried to go for a help and he found you, now he is really thankful to you, if you want you can come visit him at our hospital, until then, goodbye."