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Writing the ending of a story

8.a - OŠ Mitnica

He soon handed the phone back to Lenny who was so scared - like thunder strucked near him. Lenny intentionally forgot about his phone and started to run so fast - like he was on a track field. Lenny eventually hid inside the house of his closest friend Arthur because it was much closer to the park. Arthur wasn't at home because he was on a family trip to New Orleans. Lenny entered the house trough the window accidenly opened wndow. He was looking trough it and soon calmed down because there was no one on the street. He lied on the sofa and turned on the TV. Soon, he fell asleep and completely forgot about the zombie meaning that it was just an ilusion. Zombie was an hour later passing trough the street when he smelled a human in the surrounding area. He decided to enter the Arthur's house trough the pet door behind the house. Lenny was still asleep, but he woke up while noticing that something is breathing down his neck. Lenny jumped out of the sofa - like from a catapult. He quickly ran up the stairs to the attic, but the doors were locked. Lenny started praying once he realized it. Zombie was standing in front of him, suddenly he revealed himself by taking off his mask... It was Arthur all along. Artur later explained that he came back from Louisiana a week ago and a day later he was invited to a birthday party of his friend John. In the park, he exited the truck trying to ask Lenny why he wasn't invited, but Lenny ran away all scared. After the explenation they both laughed and went to John's birthday party.

Lenny screamed loudly: " Stay away from me! ". He quickly turned around and started running. He threw anything he could find on the floor at the zombie. The zombie wasn't slowing down. Lenny didn't have anywhere to run. He sat down, waiting for the zombie to catch him. Once the zombie got to Lenny, he mumbled: " Why did you run so much, I don't have the energy to chase you." He took off his mask. Lenny was shocked, it was his friend, Patrick. Lenny shouted at Patrick angrily : "Why did you do that!? You scared me to death! ". " Thats what you get for messing with me at work."

The Curse of the Haunted Park

Whilst investigating the death of a local Student, a scared Lenny uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, cold feeling circulating throughout the park. As soon as anyone uses the bench, he or she has exactly 365 days left to live.

The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day-to-day life, but when photographed, they look distorted. A marked person looks like a zombie through the phone camera.

Lenny gets hold of a smartphone, refusing to believe the stories. A bunch of images flash into his mind: a creepy zombie balancing on only one leg, an old newspaper headline about an apocalyptic accident...

When Lenny notices his legs are shaking, he realises that the curse of the Haunted Park is true and calls in his friend Mike, to help.

Mike examines the Park and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. They see something sinister coming their way through the phone cameras. It was a zombie-like creature.

They were then pursued by the zombie and they ran into an old house seeking refugee. They stayed quiet and calm until the creature went away.

Mike and Lenny both started running towards their home and sucessfuly made it,on occasions they sometimes still see the creature in their dreams.

It's biding its time waiting for a another chance to strike......

The Premonition

He stared at it stunned, unsure what to do or how to deal with the situation.

The zombie, only a few meters away, growled extensively at him.

It attacked and missed, as Lenny was dragged out of the way by a police officer.

The officer yelled; ''What are you doing? Get up and run!''.

Lenny, without hesitation, started running in all directions he knew.

He ran and ran, never stopping or looking back.

He eventually stopped, at least an hour later, where he sat down and finally took a break.

There, on the outskirts of his once peaceful home, he saw pure destruction.

Smoke as high as the buildings flowing into the sky, fires raging threw the windows and atop the buildings.

When Lenny stopped, he also finally started listening, hearing metal clanks and certain sirens.

Lenny didn't believe what was happening.

He tried denying it, attempting to wake himself up with a pinch, but nothing worked.

He was really starting to feel the dread of his current situation.

But in that moment, he did wake up on the bench.

''What are you doing? We have to get going or we'll be late!'', said Lenny's friend.

Lenny relieved, agreed to go along.

And in the corner of his eye as they started to walk away, he saw the same truck from his dream crash once more.

The zombie grabbed his phone and quickly threw it behind him. Lenny started running and the zombie followed him around the park. He threw a volleyball, a racket, a badminton ball at him but that didn't stop the zombie from chasing him. Suddenly Lenny heard a loud noise coming from behind, it was a lady who was shotting at the zombie. The lady screamed: " Go and hide, I will take it from here! ". Lenny quickly ran to the closest tree and hid behind it. After a few tries the lady finally shot the zombie in the head. She sent two big men to get the zombie and put it in the truck. Lenny came up to the lady to thank her for saving his life. She just smiled softly and turned around. When Lenny came home he went to his parents to tell them about the crazy thing that happend to him today, at first his parents were angry but after they heard the whole story they were relieved.

He opened his big green mouth, but before he could say anything, Lenny was already running and screaming. "Someone please help me!", shouted Lenny. The zombie was still chasing him. Lenny saw a small, dark house and thought it was the only way to escape. He quickly rushed in and closed the door. He held his breath and pricked up his ears. It was quiet. Then he took a step forward and found the light trigger. When he turned it on, he realized he was...in his dad's garage! Lenny knew the zombie will find him so he made a plan and started working on it. After an hour the garage door opened. The knight in a shining silver armor with a big sword came out. "I'm not afraid anymore, you big monster!" said Lenny. Then the zombie jumped out of a bush and they started fighting. "Boys, the dinner is ready!" Lenny's mom said from the house. Lenny and his friend stopped fighting and walked to the house. "You are lucky the pizza is for dinner, otherwise I would have beaten you." said Lenny with a smile.

The moment the zombie wanted to attack him, his friend jumped in to help him. “What is he?” A friend asked. Lenny didn't know what to say, he pulled him away and they went home. They turned on the TV and saw the news, “Everybody stay in your houses, the zombie is here! Lock the door and don't go out!˝ Lenny and his friend weren't scared. They came out of the house to meet the zombie and kill him. The zombie was sitting on a park bench. When he saw them he began to walk towards them. Lenny approached him. The zombie took off his mask and it turned out that he was just one man who wanted to joke. Everything was normal again and Lenny bought a new cell phone.

At first, Lenny was freezed, but then he started running as fast as he could. After a few minutes of running around, the truck drowe right past him and stopped. When zombie got out and came to him, Lenny heard a familliar voice. ''You are fast, why were you running from me?''. It was his father dressed like a zombie. ''I didn't know it was you. Why are you even dressed like that?'' , Lenny asked. ''For Halloween silly, why else would I look like this.'' , father said trough laugh. Lenny was so confused, ''But dad, Halloween is in two weeks.'' . ''Oh God, really? Well alright, lets just go home.'' he said confused. ''Can I go to the park, I think my friend is waiting for me.'' Lenny said. His father just nodded and they both went their way.

Lenny quickly grabbed his phone and started running, after running for a while Lenny stopped to take a breath. And then the Zombie appeared from the darkness of a nearby valley. "Oh man im going to die" Thought Lenny to himself. Lenny then took off, he was running so fast he didn't even see where he was going. Lenny then saw the impossible, the zombie started running after him, and he was much faster then Lenny. The zombie

started yelling at Lenny in a loud and a deep voice. Eventually Lenny had ran out of energy and he then sat on a bench hoping that the zombie didn't catch up with him. Suddenly the zombie came up behind Lenny and tapped him on his shoulder. "Please don't kill me man i don't know you". Then the Zombie took off his mask and it turned out to be his friend Jake. "JAKE? Why would you do that i was scared to death" Lenny said to Jake. It turns out, that Jake just wanted to do a funny prank to Lenny.

Lenny was in the park, sitting on the bench. He was scrolling on his smartphone, because his friend was late for their appointment. Many people were having picknicks in the park. Some of them wre playing badminton or volleyball. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a big truck strolling down the street next to the park. A giant man stepped out of the truck, having the look of a zombie. People started to run for their lives. Women screamed, men gathered the children. Lenny stood next to the bench, his smartphone was lying on the path, broken. The zombie approached him.