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Our trip in Los Angeles

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The morning

From Paris to Burbank

Our hotel located on Hollywood walk of fame

The Original Farmers Market

The Griffith park when we will have a picnic

The end of the first day

Inside the Griffith Observatory

Climb the mountain until the Hollywood Sign !

A evening in the Greek Theater

The morning

the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame

The original farmers market

Venice beach

The afternoon and end of the day

surf at Venice beach

restaurant Yamashiro

Santa monica

The last day

We will take a lot of picture of Hollywood Boulevard and the walk of fame ...

And we will come back to France ...

accomodation :
hostleworld, samesun hollywood, 2 beds : 140$

moves :
taxi : 152$
bus : 3$

two tickets Greek Theater : 60$
surf location : 50$
santa monica park: 40$

food :
Original Farmers market : 60$
Yamashiro: 60$

Budget :

TOTAL : 565$