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Onshore and OffShore Wind



1. Presentation of the documents

2. General ideas of the documents

3. Most important informations about the documents

4. Document that I choose + Presentation + Why did I choose this documents ?

5. Conclusion

First Document

- An Article
-Unknow author and date
-Wind Energy

General Ideas

General Ideas

- Differencies

Onshore Wind

- Not used a lot
- Support of jobs and local economic growth

Offshore Wind

- UK = World leader

- Cheaper gas

-Highly-productive skilled jobs

Most Important


- 74% of support

- 9% of UK's power need
- 12 Gigawatts of onshore wind capacity
- £35 of investment by the UK's

Most important informations

- 10% of UK electricity = 4,5 millions homes annually

- Cost has fallen by 50%
- £19 of investment for this technology

Second Document

- An Article
-Paul Brown = October 2021
-England's wind energy potential remains untapped

General Ideas

General Ideas

- England's wind energy potential remains untapped


- Help environment

- Help people in difficulties w/ money


- Law

- Lot of unused places in England

Most Important


- Reductions of £25 household bils

Third Document

- A Picture
- September 2018
- Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opens in England

Most Important


- In the sea

Fourth Document

- An article
- Oli Smith = November 2020
- French project of Emmanuel Macron / His controversies

General Ideas

General Ideas

- British fisherman erupt in fury at Macron at devastating offshore wind farm risks chaos


- French project

- Fishermen = angry

- Conflict French / Jersey fishermen

Most Important


- 62 turbines in Saint-Brieux in Brittany

- 5th of France's eletricity by 2028
-Jersey fishermen don't have anymore the access in the large areas

Last Document

- An article
- Helen Bailey, Kate L.Brookes & Paul M.Thompson
- The offshore farm and the lessons learned and recommendations for the future.

General Ideas

General Ideas

- lessons learned and recommendations for the future.


- Environment problem

- Increase shellfish = safety zone

- Avoid the extintion of certain kind of fish family cause of predators

Most Important


- Reduced carbon emissions

- Increase production of renewable energy
- + 2 000 wind turbines are installed in 69 offshore wind farms

Document that I choose