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The prison was opened in 1796.

In 1796 Kilmainham Gaol opened.
Kilmainham has a prison.

Kilmainham prison is in Ireland.

In 1924 Kilmainham prison was closed

Keane has played for Tottenham.

Tottenham had Keane as a player.

Keane is 41 years old.

Robie keane is a football player.

Robie Keane scored 737 goals

King John had a castle.

The castle was king john's.
The castle has existed since 1210.

The castle is in the city of Limerick.

The castle is in the historical region of Munster.

Saint Patrick is the saint patron of Ireland.

In Ireland Saint Patrick is the saint patron.

Patrick was born between 373 and 390.
Patrick died between 489 and 496.

St Patrick's Day is Christian

St.Patrick day is on March 17.

17 March is the St.Patrick's day.

His second name is St Paddy's Day.

His third name is Lá Phádraig.

The President of Ireland is Mchael D .Higgins.

The Wellington Monument honours Arthur Wellesley of Wellington.

Arthur Wellesley of Wellington is honoured of The Wellington Monument.

Wellington Monument opened in 1861.

Wellington Monument is designed by John Bowden.

Wellington Monument never closes .

Brian Boru dies in 1014

In 1014 Brian Boru died
Brian Boru was born in 941
in 941 Brian Boru was born

Brian Boru was born in Killaloe

Jonathan Swift was born in 1667

and died in 1745.

The writer and priest is Jonathan Swift.
Jonathan Swift born in Dublin.

Jonathan Swift dies in Dublin

Jonathan Swift is a pamphleteer

Michael Collins died in 1922

Michael Collins died at the age of 31
Collins was born 1890

Collins was born at Sam's cross

Michael died at Béal na mBláth,