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Quoting & Crediting Another's Work

Checking Your
Answers Online




Getting Others
to Do
Your Work

Posting Questions & Answers

Plagiarizing Work


Ask Instructor

Not Approved

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Responses, research papers, media, calculations and other deliverables that are your original work, writing, and/or ideas

Incorporating work completed by others by using a direct quote or paraphrase and citing the original author, typically using the citation style for your field, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, or AMA.

After completing your work, checking your responses against information or solutions provided online

Sharing multiple choice answers, calculations, or solutions with other students. Note that the appropriateness of this activity may differ depending on if you are sharing answers before or after an assignment has been turned in and completed.

Reusing an assignment you completed in another course or setting that is your original work but being submitted for a new assignment.

Collaborating with others on an assignment to develop answers or a final project. This covers a wide variety of group activities, such as discussing assignment requirements to dividing up questions for individuals in the group to complete and then share back.

Having others complete an assignment and then turning in their work as your own, whether paid or unpaid.

Posting questions, answer choices, solutions, etc. online or publicly distributing answers by other means.

Using another person's words, work, or ideas in your work and claiming them as your own.