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Fabien Laurent

For a family life



3- How to help them?

2.- Why help them?

4.- Their dream?

1.- Who are they?

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Who are they?

A young married couple that have been together for 8 years.We live in the southwest of France, down a mountain range, the Pyrenees, and near Lourdes.Fabien is a music teacher and Laurent a firefighter.We live in a beautiful wooden house with a swimming pool down the mountains.We dream that our child would live there happily surrounded by his parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts : his loving family.


Why help them?

We have a passion for travel, culture, music and friendship.We love to meet new people and share with others.We had a long journey of adoption in France which was unsuccessful.The story we dream of for our family would be a good life with two loving dads and a child who would know his family history and that 2 angels would have contributed to his birth.We are respectful and aware of the gift that you'll be giving and we will be eternally grateful.


How to help them?

If you want to share this wonderful adventure with us by becoming our angel you would be the biggest blessing in our lives. We look forward to meeting you. We have signed up for help from an agency, who will support you every step of as well. Our embryos have been created and tested at th Create Clinic.


....and see our child grow together as a new little family.

Our dream is to bring you into our lives, create a strong bond between us ....

They have a dream


Our movie


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Hoping to have the pleasure of meeting you