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today we will talk about the famous marine animals wich is shark

when you think about shark :

- fear
- dangerous
- kill
- massive
- blood
- pointed teeth

We are going to see that shark finally isn't

Louis and Tom


So with our class we went at Nausicaà wich is a center to discover the sea . Here next to our high school , in Boulogne sur Mer. In this visit we have discover more about sharks and we are gonna explain after ... We have met a guy who talk about shark and it was very interesting and he taught us a lot

Some photos during this day :


During this visit, he told us that sharks have a 6 th sense and that tanks to the Ampoule of Lorenzini

their 6th sense is the electro-perception . With this they can locate electromagnetic fields emitted by their prey

This sense become an advantage for them

Organ and functions :

Body ... and life

sharks do not have bones
they are made of cartilaginous tissues

to breath sharks have to swim
no swim, no breath,no life

sharks lives everywhere because we founded sharks in every seas and oceans

The megalodon was real , 23 millions ago

Where do they live ?

- Saltwater ( every oceans and every seas )

- Freshwater

How long have they
lived on earth ?

Sharks are living on earth for 450 millions years

Why sharks are amazing :

'cause they :

-had a 6th sense
- are the sea's king
- they are ancient, before them there was megalodon
- bad image because of movies (Jaws)
- they have a lot of teeth
- some sharks are oviparous and some sharks oviparous

threatened spiecies

sharks are threatened

Sharks are the predators located at the very top of the food chain, if they were to disappear, the consequences on the health of the oceans would be major and irreversible.

so we have to protect them