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Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) As with all subjects at Brampton, our aim is to remove barriers to learning so that all children can work towards building personal success. Similarly to other subjects, within geography lessons, class teachers and support assistants will consider ways to support those children with additional needs. Some of the ways in which we aim to achieve this is by: - Adapting resources, such as including key words or sentence starters - Providing additional resources, such as word banks and visual aids - Adult support for the child with additional needs - Peer interaction (talk partners) As geography is such a broad (and exciting!) subject, support may look different depending on the lesson being taught. To find out more about our inclusion policies, please refer to this section of our website here: Inclusion at Brampton PMLD Resourced Provision: Brasilia (EYFS/KS1) and Beijing (KS2) Pupils in our resourced provision hub who have profound and multiple learning difficulties will follow the equals curriculum. They will access this at different levels and in different ways dependent on their needs and learning goals. Various aspects of the equals curriculum will link to ideas behind geographical learning, such as understanding your place in the world and finding out about what is around you. Examples of this may include: - Sensory activities in the pre-formal equals curriculum - 'My sensory play' and 'My outdoor school' in the informal equals curriculum - 'The world around me' and 'My outdoor school' in the formal equals curriculum To find out more about children with PMLD in our school, please refer to this section of our website here: PMLD at Brampton ASD Hubs: Rome (EYFS/KS1) and Cairo (KS2) Pupils who spend time working in our autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) hubs will access a combination of the equals curriculum and elements of the geographical learning from the National Curriculum pertaining to their age range. Our specialist teachers in the ASD hubs consider the learning taking place in geography topics in the school and tailor these to be accessible to our pupils with ASD. Although children may not cover a whole unit of work, teachers will concentrate on one or more key elements for children to access, whilst also taking into account areas of the equals curriculum.

History Holly is our history mascot here at Brampton. She is our fun-loving friend that reminds children that they are learning history. Keep your eyes peeled around the school and you might even spot her on some of our displays!