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Peace and Human Rights Mission


"you are the change"

5. Spreading peace and solidarity

4. How can we respond?

3. The current context

2. Putting face and heart

1. The Piarist presence in Mozambique


Pemba (province of Cabo Delgado)

5 years of Piarist presence in Mozambique

Agreement between Itaka-Escolapios and the Order to boost this presence.


In November, the first Piarists arrived in response to a call from the local church.


More than 90 children aged 3 to 6 go there (more than half of the population is illiterate in this province).


Sao Luiz Maria Grignon de Monfort’s parish serves 30 communities in various remote areas.


Testimony of a Piarist in Mozambique

Current context

- Lack of investment and cooperation. - Exploitation of natural resources - Health situation (COVID)

- How do you think the COVID situation has affected the students of the escolinha? - How has it conditioned the life of the families and communities served by the parish?

Shared discussion

Through our Piarist presence, the population of the parish has welcomed more than 300 people fleeing violence.

Welcoming the affected people

A conflict that started in 2017 is raging in the Cabo Delgado region.More than 700,000 people have been forced to flee the area.

Armed conflict in the province

Current Context

A GESTURE OF WELCOMEThink of an appropriate message to create a poster that you can use to welcome displaced people arriving in the presence of Pemba.

How can we join in?

MAKE THIS REALITY VISIBLESpread images and/or news about the current situation in Mozambique and the Piarist presence there.

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