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Ano letivo 2021/22

Educational Territory of Priority Intervention School ( TEIP)

Saboia's Schools Cluster

Ano letivo 2021/22

Saboia's Schools Cluster

-belongs to the County/municipality of odemira.

- Odemira is a Portuguese village belonging to the Alentejo region and sub-region of Alentejo Litoral, with 29 523 inhabitants (INE, 2021).

- It is the seat of the largest Portuguese municipality in terms of territorial extension, the municipality of Odemira, which has an area of ​​1,720.60 km², subdivided into 13 parishes.

- The coastal strip of the municipality and the Mira valley to the town of Odemira are part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

Parishes from saboia's cluster schools:

Ano letivo 2021/22

Schools of Saboia's Schools Cluster

Saboia's School n.º1 ( principal school)
-lower secondary

Saboia's school n.º2 (100m FROM THE PRINCIPAL SCHOOL)

Santa Clara-a-Velha's school (7 km FROM THE PRINCIPAL SCHOOL)


Ano letivo 2021/22

Student's distribution by educational level and age

- preschool - from 3 to 6 years old

- lower PRIMARY (called 1st cycle) - from 6 to 10 years old

- upper primary (called 2nd cycle) - from 10 to 12 years old

- lower secondary ( called 3rd cycle) - from 12 to 15 years old

Ano letivo 2021/22

School Community

students: 117



teachers: 27

administrative ASSISTANTS: 6







1st grade - 4
2nd grade - 0
3rd grade - 8
4th grade - 7

Ano letivo 2021/22

Saboia's School n.º2


15 students

lower primary

19 students

1st grade - 4
2nd grade - 0
3rd grade - 8
4th grade - 7

Ano letivo 2021/22

Saboia's School n.º2


15 students

lower primary

19 students

1st grade - 4
2nd grade - 0
3rd grade - 8
4th grade - 7

Ano letivo 2021/22

Saboia's School n.º2


15 students

lower primary

19 students

1st grade - 1
2nd grade - 1
3rd grade -2
4th grade -1

Ano letivo 2021/22

Santa Clara-a-Velha's School

5 students


3 students

lower primary

1st grade - 2
2nd grade - 3
3rd grade -7
4th grade -0

Ano letivo 2021/22

Luzianes Gare's School

12 students


6 students

lower primary

Saboia's School n.º 1 ( Principal School)

6th grade - 14 students

5th grade - 9 students

lower secondary

upper primary

7th grade - 7 students

8th grade - 15 students

9th grade - 12 students

  • Level A : 41 students

  • Level B: 21 students

  • Level C: 10 students

54,86% students with economic needs (A e B)

School Social Action

  • Preschool Education - 50% foreign students

  • Others levels - 20,22% foreign students

Foreign students

Inclusive Education

  • 12 students

Educational Territory of Priority Intervention School ( TEIP)

Community activities

  • Portuguese non-native language Classes - adults

  • Physical education Classes online for user for the Saboia's nursing home

  • Physical education Classes - adults

  • Music band - all the community ( parents, teachers, students,...)

- Institutional Email
- Google Drive
- Facebook
- "Blog" from the library
- Website

Internal and external communication system

-All students have institutional email
- Lesson summaries - E360 platform

Pedagogical Council

  • Department of Preschool Education Coordinator

  • Department of Lower Primary Schools Coordinator

  • Department of Social and Human Sciences Coordinator

  • Department of Expressions Coordinator

  • Department of Languages ​​(includes Inclusive Education ) Coordinator

  • Department of Mathematics and Experimental Sciences Coordinator

  • Inclusive Education Coordinator + Class Directors Coordinator

  • Librarian teacher

  • Environmental Scientists
  • Robotics/Programming/3D
  • European
  • Art
  • School sports
  • Civil Protection
  • Theater/dance
  • School Reading Club
  • Chess

Educational Teams

School clubs

  • Digital transition
  • Class Directors
  • Multidisciplinary Support Team for Inclusive Education (EMAEI)
  • Education Strategy for Citizenship/ Citizenship and Development
  • School library
  • ECO SCHOOLS program
  • Annual Plan of Activities of the School Cluster (PAAA)
  • Promotion of Health Education (PES)
  • National Cinema Plan
  • National Plan of the Arts
  • Cluster Self-Assessment Team
  • School clubs
  • Erasmus + Program
  • Installations
  • Civil Protection

  • Internal Plan of Portuguese non-native language
  • Internal English Plan
  • Internal Plan of Experimental Sciences
  • Action learning plan (presential / mixed / online)
  • Mentoring plan
  • Contingency plan
  • Sanitation plan

- Pilot Project - Introduction to Digital Manuals (5th and 7th grade)
- 3 ERASMUS+ Program ( CRIOD / EIRA / County Consortium)

Guiding Documents


  • Educational Project (PE)
  • Internal Regulation (IR)
  • Curriculum Project (PC)
  • TEIP Improvement Plan
  • Citizenship Education Strategy
  • Self-Assessment Report
  • Plan for the Digital Development of Schools (PADDE)
  • Health Education Program (PES)
  • Grouping Activities Annual Plan (PAAA)
  • Class Work Plan (PTT)
  • Student's Profile by the end of Compulsory Schooling
  • Essential learnings
  • Citizenship education strategy
  • Current legislation

Leadership networks

  • Monthly meeting of the Pedagogical Council or whenever necessary

  • Monthly meeting of the principal, deputy school principal and school principal's assistants of the school cluster

  • Monthly meeting of the members of administrative council of the school cluster

  • All Educational teams have 1 hour per week of collaborative work meeting

  • Education city council meeting every 3 months

  • Monthly meeting of the school and county council (school cluster headteachers/schools principals, and the city council education councilor)

Quality development of the Saboia's Schools Cluster

  • Student evaluation:

- 4 evaluation moments - 2 per semester (success rate/quality of success/ evaluation of the implementation of educational measures)
- Documents:
-Annex I (fill by all teachers in each class)
- Balance Sheet (fill by each Department or Educational Team) per semester
- Global Final Balance (Self-Assessment Report)

  • Assessment and Collaboration in the development of pedagogical practices (teachers):
- Monthly Department Meetings
- Weekly collaborative work meetings at all levels of education
- Collaboration's Peer - observation of 2 lessons per year (collaboration) by peers/teachers - final reflection document is filled up together

Quality development of the Saboia's Schools Cluster

  • Evaluation of Services - made by Students, Parents, Teachers, Non-teaching staff

- School Administration Services - secretariat
- Canteen and Buffet
- School Library
- Cleaning and conservation of spaces
- School director

  • Assessment of achievement of goals of the Educational Project and the Education Strategy for Citizenship:
- By semester
- At the end of the school year

Quality development of the Saboia's Schools Cluster

  • Digital skills assessment

-SELFIE «Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational technologies» European Commission (students and teachers)
-CHECK - IN- DigCompEdu - European Commission (teachers)
- Final Self-Assessment Report (students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff)

  • Self-Assessment Report (end of school year)
- Prepared by the Self-Assessment Team with the collaboration of all staff in the school (teaching and non-teaching staff)
- Careful analysis made by the Pedagogical Council
- Careful analysis made by the General Council
- Published on the school's website

Skills Development at Saboia's Schools Cluster

  • Students

- Pedagogical practices based on research and project work methodology
- Creation of learning ecosystems
- Critical and civic spirit
- Internal Digital Training
  • Teachers
- Peer collaboration - knowledge sharing/ learning networks/ self reflection/ action- reflection process
- Collaborative internal training
- External Teachers training - Schools' Continuous Training Centers
  • Non-teaching staff
- External and Internal Training

Saboia's Schools Cluster - learning organization

After analyzing the Self-Assessment Report and evaluating the guiding documents, the Saboia's School cluster try to find solutions for improvement in terms of:

Competitiveness - ensuring inclusion and equity in teaching for all students; improve school results and the quality of student success.
Flexibility and Autonomy - implementation of curriculum management models suited to the needs of students -Innovation Plans.
Creativity, Experimentation and Innovation - dynamization of pilot projects and projects aimed at the community
Knowledge management - collaborative work / teacher training / research and project work dynamics / learning ecosystems
Information management - analyzes carried out in the Pedagogical Council and General Council disseminated to the entire community; improvement of the results obtained
Freedom - democratic management model
Planning and Organization - collaborative work with all pedagogical, administrative and municipal structures
Reflection and Feedback - semi-annual balance sheets and annual self-assessment reports

In the Saboia's Schools Cluster, management is shared, participated, collaborative by all those involved in the Education of our children and young people because no one learns alone.

Saboia's Schools Cluster Vision

Our mission is create the dynamics of a multicultural and inclusive school capable of respecting and integrating the various cultures that live here, rejecting discrimination and social exclusion, generating differentiated opportunities and diversified paths that lead to the educational success of all students, promoting inclusion and equity.

A school that educates for citizenship and democratic participation, facing each student as an active element of society, capable of thinking and intervening in a responsible, solidary and critical way, in the school and in the surrounding environment.

Links about Odemira

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP3kmmBr5W0

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rUA-yfp4-g

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cTi3Ux7vQE&t=1627s

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZo8dTOAK3E

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxCh7L_vkEs

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0ZqjNZ8o7w&t=14s

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnabsip_w88

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