Want to make creations as awesome as this one?



Its important to understand why we want to bring creativity into our classrooms.

In the prework you will create a "about me" artifact with Canva, Adobe Spark, Flipgrid Shorts, or Book Creator. In this artifact you will set your goal for the course and answer why you think bringing creativity into the classroom is important.


During our first meeting we will work on brainstorming ways to bring creativity into the classroom using the "How might we" protocol.


During week 2 we will develop ideas and explore tools that we can use with students in creative lessons.


During week 3 you will start to develop your lesson plan that you will test in weeks 4-5.


During weeks 4-5 you will implement a lesson using the UDL, Blended Learning and creative strategies we discussed in weeks 1-3.


Week 6 we will gather back together and share our successes in a lesson showcase. We will also reflect on our cohort experience.