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The header contains information about the account holder and childcare service. These include: contact details, the primary carer's CRN, and the statement period.

Balance Owing: the amount that the account holder owes to the service

Credit Balance: the amount that the account holder is in credit from the service

The Child Summary section will provide an overview of the children linked to your account. The YTD absences reflect the total YTD absences against the child's CCS enrolment. Please note that this may include absences submitted with other services.

Through the Xplor Home App, parents and caregivers can make ad-hoc payments towards their childcare fees. For more information, click here.

This section will reflect your payment setup with your centre, if this section is empty this means your centre does not offer direct debit facilities. Please consult your centre for payment arrangements.

Where a direct debit date and payment status is showing, this means you have set up an active payment schedule with your service. Refer to the date and the payment status to determine your next payment date.
Where no scheduled direct debit is showing on your statement, this means you have set up an active, however, no scheduled direct debit has been generated.
Where no payment details saved is showing, this means your centre offers a direct debit option however the primary carer does not have any payment details saved via the Xplor Home App/Web. To set this up, please see here for more information.

The transaction listing will show all charges for your child's care at the service. This is ordered from newest to oldest.

  • The date column will show the date the charge or credit was incurred;
  • The description column will briefly describe the charge;
  • The hours column will reflect the length of the session your child attends;
  • The debit column increases your owing balance to the centre;
  • The credit column decreases your owing balance to the centre;
  • The balance column is live and will fluctuate if any charges are added or subtracted.

The Session Summary will provide a breakdown of each session your child attends the service. If there is a Y, this indicates the chikld was absent.

Names and CCS Enrolment ID of all children linked to this account holder

Daily CCS payments for each CCS enrolment linked to this account

Weekly CCS payment for each CCS enrolment linked to this account.

If the provider realises a session report was incorrect or did not need to be submitted (for example, because no care was provided to a child in that week), it can vary or withdraw the report up until 28 days after the start of the week to which the report relates (or until the end of the financial year if that occurs sooner).

If a provider needs to withdraw or change a session report after the 28-day limit, it will need to provide a reason for the late change or withdrawal for assessment by the Department of Education.

Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to providers to reduce the Child Care fees that families pay. Occasionally, CCS may be paid directly to families using the bank account details they have nominated with Centrelink. In this case, the outstanding GAP payment will need paid by the family and this column will be populated.

Estimated CCS percentage the account holder is entitled to for the current period listed

If you're entitled to CCS, the information regarding your entitlements and the sessions that incurred the rebate will appear here.

A table summarising bond amounts paid to your service and bond amounts returned to your account on a child level.

A list of all automated scheduled payments made for the period against this account.

Date: The date the direct debit was processed.

Payment Status:

Payment Method: Your service's chosen payment gateway system.

Amount: Amount your service charged you for.

Transaction Fee: Direct debit transaction fees as per the payment gateway's T&C's.

Total: The total amount taken out of your bank account inclusive of transaction gees.

A personalisable section that can be updated in Settings > Service Settings > select service > Service Details > Scroll down > Statement Text