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Clicking the "RAISE HAND" icon will allow you to raise your hand in order to speak to the entire class on the podium. You can raise your hand to ask a question, give a presentation, or simply address the class.

If your class is in moderated mode, your instructor will need to grant you permission to join the podium.

To lower your hand, you can click this icon again.

Engageli has two main audio modes, Room Mode and Table Mode.

Room Mode:

This is the default when you enter your Engageli classroom. This means that instructor will hear the audio feeds from all learners, and learners will all hear each other, regardless of where they are seated.

When your instructor might use: class discussions, lectures, announcements, etc.

Table Mode:

When you enable Table Mode, you will hear only learners at your table or learners who raise their hands.

When your instructor might use: small group discussions, projects, and other table activities

Your instructor can easily toggle between the two modes. At any time you can see what mode the class is in, and who can hear who, by hovering over this button.

Use 'My View' to choose which screen you'd like to look at during class. The options are:

  • "CLASS GALLERY" is where you can see the video feeds of all learners in the class.
  • "TABLEMATES" is where you can see the video feeds of all learners at your table.
  • "INSTRUCTOR'S VIDEO" will allow you to pull up a large-screen version of your instructor's video feed.
  • "TABLES" will allow you to see a table view of the class and where all students in the class are seated. You can search for your classmates and join other tables.

If your instructor has not locked seating, you can hover over any available table and click "JOIN."

Hover over your "Video Sizes" icon to toggle the size of your class gallery.

The default gallery size is twenty students, but you can switch back and forth from twelve students with this option to reduce the size of your gallery and enlarge learner video feeds.

Click on the "Enter full-screen mode" icon to switch to full-screen mode.

You'll be able to see your primary view, your instructor's video, and your tablemates' videos. You can collapse those video feeds

Under the "TABLE" tab, you see the video feeds of all classmates seated at your table.

Apart from the instructor(s) and those learners at the podium, you will only be able to hear learners seated at your table.

The "NOTES" tab will pull up a space where you can write down observations from class.

You can take screenshots of an instructor presentation, then annotate on them. You can also download your notes during class. These notes are stored in your Engageli authenticated classroom and are marked with time stamps.

Clicking "Q&A" will allow you to pull up your class's Q&A thread. Here you can post questions (up to you to post anonymously), download the thread, and answer other questions.

The Q&A thread persists between sessions, meaning you'll be able to see the same questions throughout the length of your class.

Clicking the "CHAT" tab will pull up the space where you can direct message learners, the instructor, your table, or the entire class.

The drop-down menu is where you can choose the recipient of your message.

You can upload documents to the chat and download chat history. Chats are deleted at each instance that you log out.

Hovering over this icon will allow you to reveal a set of options to indicate your satisfaction level. This information is anonymous. Your instructor will only see the aggregate answer from the whole class.

Click on your "More Actions" menu to reveal the following options:

  • "Share screen with class" will prompt you to choose either your desktop or a window or chrome tab to share with the entire class. The instructor must approve this screen share.
  • "Share screen with table" will prompt you to choose either your desktop or a window or chrome tab to share with your tablemates. If another student at your table is already sharing, their screen share will automatically end.
  • "Show my video from classmates" will remove your video feed from other students' gallery views.
  • "Mobile mode" will prevent you from seeing any video feeds excluding a low-quality feed from your professor. This is meant to be a "lite" mode for low bandwidth or CPU.
  • "Leave feedback" will link you to an external form where you can leave comments about your experience and suggestions for Engageli. You can choose to fill out the form anonymously.
  • "Enter help center" will direct you to our support page, which includes this Knowledge Base.

Clicking the camera icon will allow you to toggle off your camera. If you want to toggle it back on, simply click again.

Clicking the microphone icon will allow you to toggle off your microphone. If you want to toggle it back on, simply click again.

"Media Settings" gives you the option to enable/disable your microphone or camera as well as change your sources.

Hovering over this icon will reveal the thumbs up and down icons.

These serve to provide feedback to your instructor, for example, in response to "How is everyone feeling today?" The option you choose (thumbs up or down) will be displayed on your video feed under instructor view.

Exit class by clicking this button.

You can pin the menu bar by clicking this.

This icon allows you to collapse the right side of your screen (i.e. your toolbar and sidebar tabs). Your screen will appear as follows:

You will still be able to see your instructor's video in the right corner of your screen as well as access all of the same functions.

This area of the classroom is the podium. When you raise your hand to ask a question you will come to the podium and the entire class will hear you.

This area of the classroom is the gallery. If you are viewing the Gallery View, you will see all learners in the class, regardless of which table they are sitting at.

You can move to different tables by hovering over a table and clicking Join.

Search for other classmates by typing their name in the search bar.

Each circle represents a seat at the table. Your instructor can set the size of tables from 1-10 seats. If all circles are filled, that means the table is full and you should sit at another table.

The list view shows all tables with a list of what learners are at each table.