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The use of Visualisation in learning process

80% - visual learners

20% - auditory and kinesthetic learners

Visualisation involves the creation of real or unreal images in the mind's eye.

Why use Visualisation?

  • It can bring classroom activities to life and make them more memorable
  • It combines left- and right-brain functions (language and imagination)
  • It can develop digital literacy
  • It can add variety to your teaching
  • It can help students to learn to relax making them more receptive.

The imaging you provide for your students can be:

  • a picture from from the internet
  • computer presentation
  • audio/video files
  • charts or diagrams
  • digital services, etc







- various formats

- live game mode
- easy to sing up
- large databased of ready made games
- leaderboard

- the best tool for learning words
- play in groups or individually
- no need to project the questions

- quiz for groups

- students don't need gadgets, the teacher projects the game
- Power- Ups

- live online games, as well as challenges with a deadline

- requires gadgets for students and screen demonstration
- instant feedback

- make your task more interactive

- create challenges with deadlines
- instant feedback