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We are Making Headway
by Linking Lines

Getting your course book
to work for you !!!

New Books
New Curriculum

  • UPP site
  • Introducing Linking Lines and Making Headway
  • How to work with the course books
  • Adapt or Adopt
  • Take-away ready to go stuff
  • The WHY
  • Q & A time

Plan for today

UPP is here to help

Basic guide to create an awesome presentation

On the bookshelf

Curriculum 2020
Vocabulary bands
Can Do statements
Check lists
21st Century skills

Our NEW books

  • Look at the index
  • Page through the teachers guide
  • Decide what you want students to do at the end and how to assess
  • Look at the Can Do statements
  • Look at the vocabulary
  • How much time do you have?

I have the book...

Linking Lines Revised

Where am I going?
What do I want students to be able to do at the end?
How and what will I assess?

Backward Design


Vocabulary bands

Grammar Bands

Can Do

...vocabulary themes are necessary?
...language structures are necessary?
...activities will provide opportunities to meet the goals?
...tasks will provide students with opportunities to use the
language to accomplish a goal? (scaffolding )

Plan the learning
experience and instruction

To reach your goals ask yourself what...

  • are motivating
  • are balanced between individual response, pair work and group work.
  • are manageable in the time allotted
  • help learners to connect the learning experience in the classroom to their own life outside
  • boost cooperative learning
  • initiate meaningful communication
  • provide learners with opportunities for free production
  • are creative
  • cater for different preferred learning styles

Adapt or Adopt

Choose wisely, so that activities ...

  • Authentic tasks create a bridge between what is learned in the classroom and why this knowledge is important to the world outside of the classroom.
  • What kind of product should students produce? (Backward Design)
  • Where would they work?

A student-centered learning environment. Students to determine what and how information is learned.
This improves their self-assessment skills, responsibility, and meta-cognition (learning how they learn).

What should it look like

Choose wisely

Let's take a look

Linking Lines Revised Unit 4

Linking Lines Revised Unit 4 Teacher's Guide

Linking Lines Revised Unit 4

Linking Lines Revised Unit 4

Linking Lines Revised Unit 4


Linking Lines

Making Headway

Teacher's Guide and Extra

Making Headway

Making Headway
Unit 4

Making Headway
Unit 4

Making Headway
Unit 4

Making Headway
Unit 4

Making Headway
Unit 4

GOLD STAR Walk of Fame

1. Pick one Super Star you wish to nominate for the GOLD STAR Walk of Fame award.

2. Make a presentation of your nomination. The presentations should showcase the Super Star's positive qualities.

3. Each group will make a nominating speech using the presentation.

4. After the presentations and questions from the audience, the class will vote on which Super Star will be accepted in this year's GOLD STAR Walk of Fame award.

Pair with a poem:


Edgar Albert Guest



Stations Linking Lines


3 Celebs to show on the board

As I Grew Older

Backward Design - Making Headway