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Global School Partnership CPD

Thursday Dec 9th 2021

GCE and Global School Partnerships Approach

-Increase awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world in which we live

-Challenging stereotypes

-Inspire solidarity

Develop the knowledge, skills, values and world-views necessary for people to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living.

WWGS and Global School Partnerships (GSP)


  • NGO Funding for Teacher exchange visits (must include a reciprocal visit in second funding application and leave one year break)

  • Schools can apply for up to €300 for GSP Projects (materials and postage for joint learning projects, communication upgrades, books, money to facilitate partner school engagement)

  • Not supporting student travel – capacity issue to ensure that teachers have adequate support to undertake quality projects

  • Training – Focusing on critical engagement - 1 per year including teacher input

  • Education Officer Support – tailored support & guidance

  • Network Support – support schools implementing pre & post training for trips

  • Partnership Guide – supports schools developing a partnership agreement

A Global School Partnership (GSP) is a relationship between a school in Ireland and a counterpart school in the Global South that is based on joint learning, equity and respect

Part 1

Exploring current understanding & practice of Global School Partnerships.

Part 2

Critical Engagement in Global School Partnerships

Part 3

Practical planning and implementation

-Type of school partnership you are involved in, or hope to become involved in

-Who, in the school community, is/will be involved in the partnership

-Where the school is located (urban/rural)

-What type of collaborative activities do both schools engage in.

-What is your vision for your school partnership project?

-What are you hoping to get out of today?

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Global School Partnerships are about making our students realise how lucky they are

GLOBAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS are about education, not charity

GLOBAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS are of more benefit to our students

Critical Engagement: Classroom Scaffolding for Global School Partnerships

Live Aid Legacy

In terms of how the UK public understands and engages with global poverty, it can be said they are stuck in roughly the same place as they were in 1985. The most widespread model for public engagement has been labelled as the 'Live Aid Legacy', which casts the UK public in the role of 'dominant giver', and Southern publics in the role of 'grateful receiver'. In this model, the causes of poverty are internal to poor countries, and nothing to do with global politics. All the UK public can do is give money. In the UK public's mind Africa is stuck, but at the same time the UK public is stuck in this transaction frame for development.”

Andrew Darnton is an independent researcher, and lead author of Finding Frames

Exploring Stereotypes & Dignity

The danger of a single story


  • Developing & Developed World

  • Global North & Global South

  • First World & Third World

  • Minority & Majority World

What are the value implications of each?

My Worldview…
Unlearning and reconstructing

How might our surroundings/
geographical context influence our worldview?? What might be our hidden influences?

Dochas Code of Images and Messages

Radi- Aid

Social Media Guide

volunteering overseas

Teacher Input: Claire Ní Chanainn

Implementing Global School Partnerships in practice

Charity Approach to Solidarity Approach

Stage 1- Practical planning

  1. Preparation (WHY, aims, school, demographic, age)
  2. Plan a GSP agreement between schools
  3. Establish cross curricular links/shared learning project/s
  4. Ensure that education, not charity and justice, are the aim of GSPs
  5. Develop student/teacher/school awareness
>Scaffold learning

>Challenge own worldview, stereotypes, language
>Create space for unlearning and reconstructing

Stage 2 – Developing a Partnership Project

Stage 3 Sustaining the Partnership

Considering the partnership under the following headings:

  • Our school
  • Their school
  • Continued actions/ activities
  • Motivation – teachers and students
  • Communication: How will we continue communication? 2 way street!
  • File sharing- we transfer https://wetransfer.com/
  • Time- timetable/ timescale expectations

Thank you!