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Created by a consortium

"Green STEAM Incubator" seeks to investigate the common boarders ofSTEAM and entrepreneurship, by identifying ways in which STEM orientedknowledge can be used to enhance agriculture,environmental engineering and social innovation in Youth-oriented activities.

Who is this project for ?social enterprisesagrobusinessesstart-ups

who are capable of utilising recent technological innovations.

Why was the project createdand developed?

To promote a cross-sectoral, collaborative scientific learning experience for young people.

To encourage positive behavioural change of youth and raise awareness about eco-systemic issues and what they can do to contribute.

To foster activities with the sector of permaculture and organic farming.

To design a set of gamified methodologies that develop curiosity about project main concepts.

To create collaborative affiliations among youth organisations, relevant stakeholders and agro-businesses.

We created 4 exciting toolsand methodologies.

A manual that provides a framework on how to collaborate between different sectors.


You can find the manual in French, Greek and Portuguese on the project website:www.steam-incubator.org

Inside the Manual you will find:Interesting information about youth and agriculture in project partner countries Tips on how to develop collaborations between youth organizations and agro-businesses12 diverse activites that you can implement right away

A gamification methodology that will support engagement in various activities.


You will find:A collaborative board game that connects agriculture and technology Treasure hunt activities Instructions to help you implement the activities

Here are some cards from our board game

Here is how to play the game !

Playing the game

Module on Microcontrollers


Thanks to this module participants will learn:What is a microcontroller and how to use itHow to use the microcontroller “Arduino uno”How to code itHow to use this technology in different environmental projects

The environmental projects of the handbook are:A motion detector An alarm system for the henhouse door at night An animal’s water container alarm Operating a humidity sensor Operating a weather station Soil PH measurement An automated irrigation system A CO2 analyzer


Coding Arduino...

...and it works!

Module on 3D modeling


Thanks to this module participants will learn:What is 3D design and modelingHow to use the software “Onshape”How to design different environmental projects using this softwareHow to use a 3D printer

The environmental projects that you will create:A bird feederA shovelA watering canA garden rakeA vase

pictures here

Designing a shovel with onshape



Find out more about this projecton our website and social media

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