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Christmas Escape Room

Christmas Escape Room

are you ready to join our exciting journey?

I was born ready!

Nope, I think I'll pass

You woke up this morning and decided to take a walk in the forest as the first snow covered the frosty ground.While you were walking you noticed a miserable elf shivering from cold.

I got lost. Can you help me find Santa?

Really? Oh well... You've decided to go back home. You can hear the elf crying in the back but you're quite relentless.

You're amazing, let's check the log. Maybe you'll find Santa there...

You're not sure what you'll find inside so first you decide to peek through the window.

Sorry, you can't see anything interesting through this window. Try the other one.

The most well-known Christmas book called "A Christmas Carol" was written by an English writer Charles Dickens. Read a fragment and do the task.

Everybody knows Santa loves reading in his free time. His favourite book is "A Christmas Carol".

Ok, let's find some door to enter the house and find Santa.


No one is here but let's find what is hidden under the Christmas tree. Maybe you'll find some tasks.

Now click the icon on the right and answer the questions. When you finish click the remote control to go back to the room.

Can you see the bells in this room? Let's find out what happens if we ring them.

Can you hear the bells ringing? I think you've managed to find Santa! The elf is extremely happy and would like to thank you by giving you a present.