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* Consultez la Convention
relative aux droits de l'enfant

Each day, click on a box and discover how Casa Alianza implements children's rights.*

Article 1 - Definition of a child


Casa Alianza welcomes children from 12 to 18 years old in each of its centres in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico.


For the purposes of the Convention, "a child means every humain being below the age of eighteen years" (art. 1).

Article 2 - Same rights for every child


Casa Alianza treats children without discrimination and fights against gender inequalities. Casa Alianza gives young people the tools to fight discrimination in society.

Article 3 - Best interest of the child


Casa Alianza always considers the best interests of the child. All decisions and actions taken are aimed at the well-being of the child.

Article 4 - Implementing rights


Casa Alianza contributes to implementing children's rights through its structures, actions and involvement in legal procedures.

Article 6 - Life, survival and development


Casa Alianza removes children from dangerous situations (street, drugs, violence) and creates the conditions for their survival and harmonious development in its centres.


Article 7 - Name and nationality


Casa Alianza Honduras helps migrants without papers between the ages of 12 and 18 to obtain a birth certificate, identity card and nationality.

Article 9 - Non-separation of families


Casa Alianza ensures to maintain the relations between the child and his/her parents when the situation allows it, with the aim of a future family reintegration.

Article 12 - Respecting children's opinions


Children in Casa Alianza can freely express their opinions. These are always taken into consideration when decisions are made.

Article 14 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion


Children are welcomed in Casa Alianza centres regardless of their thoughts, opinions (conscience) and religion.

Article 17 - Access to information


Casa Alianza facilitates children's access to information through various means, such as libraries and computer rooms.

Article 19 - Protection from violence


Casa Alianza's mission is to protect children who are direct or indirect victims of violence, including sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, homicide, feminicide, gang-related violence, street violence, child trafficking and migration-related violence.


Casa Alianza removes children from dangerous environments, gives them physical and psychological care and carries out prevention.

Article 20 - Children deprived of a family


La Alianza Guatemala welcomes young girls who are victims of violence, referred by a judge, to its centre in order to provide them with the protection and help they need.

Article 22 - Refugee children


Casa Alianza Mexico welcomes unaccompanied minors in its centre called Albatros. The centre provides accommodation, healthy food and mental health care. Professionals support the children in the procedures to obtain refugee status in Mexico, through counseling and legal support.

Article 24 - Health, water, food and environment


Casa Alianza looks after the physical and mental health of the children and provides care when necessary.


For example, La Alianza Guatemala set up a COVID-19 emergency programme in 2021 to ensure access to medicines, biosafety equipment and screening tests.

Article 27 - Food, clothing and safe accommodation


Casa Alianza makes every effort to promote the physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development of the children in its care. To this end, Casa Alianza provides the appropriate material, social, legal, therapeutic and educational conditions.

Article 28 - Acces to education


Every child in Casa Alianza has the opportunity to return to or continue their education and/or vocational training.

Article 29 - The aims of education


Casa Alianza supports the children in developing a life plan. Through psychological, medical and educational support, Casa Alianza helps them reintegrate into society.

Article 30 - Different culture, language and religion


La Alianza in Guatemala welcomes girls from ethnic and linguistic minorities, while respecting their right to their own language and culture.

Article 31 - Rest, play, culture and arts


Casa Alianza offers a variety of activities for children, such as : musical expression sessions with practice of different instruments (Guatemala) ; martial arts lessons (Honduras) ; football and chess lessons (Mexico) ; nature walks and volcano visits (Nicaragua).


Each centre organises leisure activities on birthdays and local festivities.

Article 33 - Protection from drugs


Casa Alianza Nicaragua has been helping drug-addicted children for 23 years. Last year, more than 500 children were cared for in a programme specially designed for their recovery and social reintegration.

Article 34 - Protection from sexual abuse


La Alianza Guatemala protects and supports girls who are victims of sexual violence, rape, child trafficking and forced marriages. The centre places particular emphasis on the gender issues that underlie these situations.

Article 35 - Prevention of sale and trafficking


Casa Alianza Honduras has a center for 25 girls victims of child trafficking. The house, called Querubines, is located in a secure area for added protection of these girls.

Article 39 - Recovery and reintegration


The recovery and reintegration of children are fundamental objectives for Casa Alianza. The different programs aim at a sustainable social, family and professional reintegration.

Article 42 - Awareness of children's rights


With this calendar, Casa Alianza Switzerland wants to raise awareness of children's rights by making the Convention on the Rights of the Child better known.


To consult the original text : https://www.ohchr.org/en/professionalinterest/pages/crc.aspx