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The most required jobs in Italy


STEM teachers

mechanical designer

Project manager and IT Digital

health care professions


Machine Cnc operator

helpdesk clerk

Lathe operator


The turner's task is to choose the tools and devices necessary to perform the various processes, to carry out their control and assembly (tooling), as well as to set up the machines and make test samples

Lathe operator

The help desk operator in ICT is the professional figure who is responsible for providing customers with the first line of technical support by telephone or email, helping them to eliminate errors due to problems or critical aspects of ICT.

Help desk clerk


The CNC operator is the person who programs, supervises and uses computer numerically controlled machine tools. The use of these tools is typical of the productions of metals, wood, plastic, as well as various other versatile materials.

Machine CNC operator

Art. 1 of Italian Constitution"Italy is a democratic Republic founded on work, sovereignty belongs to the people who exercise it in the forms and within the limits of the Constitution' "


In the context of home palliative care, the caregiver is a family reference figure who has the role of assisting and supporting the sick person, also taking care of the ordinary care activities of the person. During covid pandemia, this professional figure has been of a great value for eldery people

Project manager and IT Digital

The Project Manager offers advice to clients with the primary objective of defending the design idea of ​​the designers. ... All this must be carried out ensuring compliance with the costs, times and quality of the project.

health care professions

It is a figure that, essentially, takes care assistance and care of people with difficulty, mostly elderly. A Medical Assistant can work delivery, in hospital or in residential facilities such as RSA. The Social Health Operator is not a doctor, but a professional who needs to have different talents and skills

The mechanical designer, in collaboration with other other professionals, conceives and develops systems, machinery or simple mechanical components as well as tools and production devices, defining their functional and technical characteristics.

Mechanical designer

STEAM courses alternate study and practical activities, favoring continuous contact with real projects and companies, in order to enhance the student's growth at all levels. The lessons cover the 5 core areas, with a focus on the sciences to be applied through current (and future) technologies

steam teacher

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