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ESL Advent Calendar




December 2021

Holiday Activities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And to kick things off we’re sharing with you our Christmas activities that your students are sure to enjoy!

Cycle 1 - Cycle 2
Cycle 3

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Let your students demonstrate their understanding of Christmas stories in creative ways!

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Oh, look at what’s offered today!

Another great resource that is sure to come in handy in 2022! May the coming year be filled with comprehension and mutual understanding!

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Invite students to play the fact checking game!

If you'd like to learn about the information competencies and how you can help your students develop them, we suggest you complete the FREE online course on Campus RÉCIT titled Développer ses compétences informationnelles.

An English version will be available in 2022.

This course counts as a professional development activity (PD) when you complete tasks and earn badges.

One day, I’ll celebrate the holidays in Prague… What’s on YOUR bucket list? Students describe their interesting places in order to pique their classmates’ curiosity.

Bucket List Activity

Can you guess what today’s offer is?

Yes! It’s a great unit on teaching inferences and predictions. Moreover, your secondary students will discover how empathy can help when using these strategies. We hope the coming year is filled with empathy!

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Do you know about the website La Digitale that offers many different tools for teachers for FREE?

Fresh from the oven!

We created a database of tools that can be used throughout the writing process. Take also a look at the information about each phase at the elementary and secondary levels.

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Do you wonder how to build your students’ vocabulary to talk about their holidays?

This Vocabulary Building in ESL online course can give you ideas.

We’re no Scrooge when we share how to Plan the integration of technology in ESL.

Many elves have worked on more than 120 other interesting courses related to the integration of technology. Check them out!

Today brings you the gift that keeps on giving!

Your RECIT team collaborated with Télé-Québec En classe to bring you a podcast created with your students in mind. How you will use it depends on you, but we should tell you that complete tasks come with each episode!

Summer Heartbeat (podcast on Tele-Quebec)

Play with words with your elementary students.

What better gift to receive than one you’re sure to use!
If you teach themes with your students, then you’ll be happy to unwrap this one with them!

The Power of Universal Themes

Take some time to visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may find other gifts!

We have created many resources for distance teaching. You can find them on our website.

Merry and Crazy!

Are your little monkeys acting up due to the coming festivities? Burn them out with this rhyme, but watch out for your sanity!

Five Little Monkeys

Have you ever done the LES What Happened to the Drama Teacher? with your secondary students?

Wish a happy holiday to your friends all around the world!

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Batteries included! Let these robots take your students’ competencies to a new level!

Using Robotics to Build Vocabulary - Robots and Storytelling

Do you hear what I hear?

Lend these podcasts an ear and fill your world with wonder!

Podcasts You Should Listen to:

No need to ask Santa to travel long distances to give you what you need... At the RÉCIT, we share distance teaching resources for all ESL teachers HERE !

This one is so big it wouldn’t fit in Santa’s bag! Check out our complete LESs for your sec 5 students to be used for distance or in person using computers, laptops or tablets.

Link to the description page.

Look under the tree to find tons of web tools, there should be something here for everyone!

Web Tools for ESL Teachers

We’re no Scrooge when it comes to sharing our ideas, visit our website and follow our Facebook page so you don’t miss anything!

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We’ll be home for Christmas, but you can count on us to let you know when something is happening on Twitter!

Happy Holidays!

As they say in French: "C’est l’intention qui compte!" Make sure your students clearly know what it is they have to learn and why, using our planner. That’s a great resolution to keep!

Create a copy to use it!

Wishing for a collaboration between elementary and secondary students? Get inspired by watching how students create an interactive story and animate it with puppets and micro:bits. After watching the video, imagine secondary students writing a holiday story for elementary students.

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Have you been naughty or nice?

Effective feedback is one of the best ways to improve student learning. According to the goals, needs and context, teachers can use these techniques to leverage technology to communicate feedback.

Consult our Database to look for tools to provide feedback

Are You Up For a Challenge?

Use our introductory videos to warm up your students and get this party, uhh challenges going!


3,2,1 Action!

3,2,1 Action!

Check It Out!

Review It!

After a break, will you need to organize your students with routines? We have you covered!

You will find: Presentation - Guide - Routine documents

A great way to start a new year!

A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent what you want in life. This hands-on activity can be done on paper/pencil or with technology. Why not make your own and share it with the ESL community?

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This activity originally created for elementary students

can be adapted for secondary students.

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