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38 months SHui Project Monitoring

Eight deliverables have been uploaded to European Community.



Young Researchers blog



2º Periodic Report

Hybrid meeting have been held in September in Prague.

Our early career researchers have published their PhD experience at SHui.

Dissemination activities have been held physically and virtually during these months.

Review meeting is planned for November the 12th.

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Deliverables submitted during this period are: D5.5 Reports on listening to stakeholders across the PR China and Europe D1.6 Second full report on data platform use and other interactions D2.7 Assesment of function between crop variability and soil properties D4.4 Decision support frameworks based on models from WP1-3 D4.5 Decision support framework based on models from WP5 D6.8 Final Early Career Scientists Training Report D7.4 Elaboration and deliver of the third Annual Meeting Report D3.3 Guidelines to regulate the water budget Documents are available in: Deliverables Pending reports and tasks Some deliverables are delayed for several reasons. Firstly, the COVID-19 lockdown and other problems have affected to WP5 tasks. Additionally, for WP2 , the model was re-designed and results of some field experiments are still pending. New due data will be disscuss in review meeting for these deliverables: D2.2 A calibrated TreeWat model for Shui. D5.6 Report on regional and farm based modeling approach.

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General Assembly: Between September 22nd-24th took place our last SHui General Assembly, first time with an hybrid format, with members of the team meeting on-site at CTU (Prague, Czech Republic) while others connected online via a secure Teams channel with over 30 people attending.

  • On the 22nd of September, partners showed the project progress since our last meeting before the summer.
  • The 23rd September activities were focused on the physical attendees. They had the opportunity to enjoy a field visit at the Nučice experiment catchment and attend a workshop on GIS-assisted estimation of soil loss and sediment transport.
  • The 24th of September was reserved for discussions on upcoming activities for the final months of the project. Each WP leader and their teams shared their advances during the previous months and updated plans for the immediate future.

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A round of posts is being published by PhD students of SHui, to recover their experience as researchers and how the SHui project has broadened their horizons about the different agricultural practices and water managements. As they explain in the blog (SHui website) the SHui project has allowed them to meet a diverse group of international scientists, especially when general assembly have been celebrated in Europe and China. It has provided them with many valuable learning moments.

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Main dissemination activities:

  • Book of Best management practices for optimized use of soil and water in agriculture. A comprehensive review of Best Management Practices for optimized used soil and water in agricultural systems within the context of the SHui project. English, Chinese and Spanish version. July 2021.
  • Press release: The DOP Estepa prepares an innovative soil erosion map of its olive grove. This news appeared in the press and on the radio. July 2021.CSIC
  • Delta-T Workshop: covering the theory and practice of measuring soil and plant water status. Researcher familiarity with these instruments ranged from novice to highly experienced, so it was possible to pair researchers of different experience to swap best practice. August 2021.ULANC
  • 3rd SHui Newsletter. New articles related to SHui advance have been published by some SHui collaborators. August 2021.
  • On occasion of the last general assembly in September at CVUT (Prague, Czech Republic), the CVUT released a new project brochure about Nučice catchment. September 2021. CVUT
  • Soil erosion modelling workshop at CVUT. Lecturer first introduced GIS-Assisted estimation of soil loss and sediment transport, providing an overview of the different sediment transport modelling approaches on a regional scale. He then focused on the USLE based WaTEM/SEDEM model. September 2021. CVUT
  • 2021 Lushan High-end Forum. BJFU team delivered a presentation at the Second Academic Committee Meeting of Jiangxi Lushan Forest Ecosystem National Orientation Observation and Research Station. September 2021
  • Catch and Cover Crops on farm discussion and demonstration. here was extensive discussion about the benefits of catch crops in boosting soil organic matter. October 2021. ULANC

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Many articles (10) have been published during this period related to SHui: 1. Can Lumped Characteristics of a Contributing Area Provide Risk Definition of Sediment Flux? (CVUT) 2. Parameterization of the water stress reduction function based on soil–plant water relations. (CAU&ARO) 3. Opportunities for expanding the use of wastewaters for irrigation of olives. (CSIC&ARO) 4. A multifunctional matching algorithm for sample design in agricultural plots. (TERRAVISION&ARO) 5. Compensatory hydraulic uptake of water by tomato due to variable root-zone salinity. (ARO) 6. Correlation of banana productivity levels and soil morphological properties using regularized optimal scaling regression. (CSIC) 7. Characterization of the main land processes occurring in Europe (2000-2018) through a MODIS NDVI seasonal parameter-based procedure.(CSIC) 8. Global sensitivity analysis of crop yield and transpiration from the FAO-AquaCrop model for dryland environments. (KU Leuven). 9. The role of cover crops in the loss of protected and non-protected soil organic carbon fractions due to water erosion in a Mediterranean olive grove. (CSIC) 10. Multi-Step Calibration Approach for SWAT Model Using Soil Moisture and Crop Yields in a Small Agricultural Catchment. (BOKU)

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After 36 months of the project, the 2nd periodic report has been carried out. On October 31st, the consortium has submitted the technical and financial report with success. Next 12th November, the Project Officer, the evaluators and the Project Board will hold a meeting to disccuss the results reflected in this report.

Several articles have been published during last 4 months.