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Erasmus+ Our spaces

The project „Our Spaces“, which is set up between 6 schools from different countries around the Baltic Sea (DE, EE, FIN, LV, PL, SE) deals with shared spaces in our communities and our schools. We believe that it is a major social responsibility of all citizens to help create well-designed, -maintained, inclusive and safe shared spaces that allow social mixing, civic participation, recreation, and a sense of belonging. Accordingly, we want students to develop concepts for some of these spaces and contribute to making these spaces more attractive for a variety of users and purposes. By exchanging ideas and comparing perceptions with other young people from different countries, diverse ways of designing and using shared spaces can be utilised.

Basics about the project


Gingerbread cookies

Date cake, cinnemon cookies

Snowball soup

Polish pierogi made by team Poland

Date cake

Enjoying Polish dumplings

Making Polish dumplings

Germany: The Finnish date cake is ready

Snowball soup made by team Estonia


Christmas decorations by team Estonia

Team Finland

  • How to make Christmas wreath?
  • Watch the video and make your own wreath.
  • Put it to your door outside or give it to your friend.

Team Finland

Let's make a Christmas tree!

During the art and creativity lessons

Beautiful wreath made by Emmi

Advent calender at school cafe - the first student who arrives in school can open it

Christmas decorations in Wellevi - school's conference and well-being centre

Baking and decorations from Sodankylä campus

Team Finland makes Christmas decorations

Making Estonian Gingerbread decoration

German Advent calendar: Every day one bag is hidden somewhere in the school

Display at Auguste-Viktoria-Schule

Germany: Preparing the decorations

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https://Skribbl.ioDraw and guess, Every country (Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Poland) is a team and plays as one player in the lobby. Skribbl.ios Idea is to pick one of three words that comes up when it's your turn, Then everyone else tries to guess the word. The more time it takes, the more letters will emerge from the guessed word.Team Finland

KAHOOT challenge took place on Wednesday at 9.30.hhttps://create.kahoot.it/share/international-erasmus-kahoot/a90d55d4-04fa-43c3-8e0e-9263fe181e0bTeam Finland

Estonian dance in Finland

Polish online game

villagers - werewolveswitch - hunter - girlamor - clairvoyant

German Team:Making Werewolf cards

Kaera-Jaan by team Estonia

Learn more about Poland. Play this gamehttps://wordwall.net/play/25473/619/471

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