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Drama is a town located in the northern part of Greece, in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and has a population of 45.823. It is located 145 km from the well-known city Thessaloniki, the largest city in northern Greece. The etymology of the word comes from "Hydra" due to the abundance of water that gushes out in the area. Many buildings from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods have been preserved.

pictures from the centre of our town

Stadium of Doxa Dramas, our local football team

Springs of Aghia Barbara

The cave of Aggitis

Aghia Sophia church

Main temple of Drama

Sardivan Mosque from the years of Ottoman empire

Old Mansions

The forest of Elatia

Falakro ski resort


Drama is located about 30 km from the ancient theatre of the city of Philippi

The ancient theatre of Philippi

The "International Short Film Festival" takes place annually in the town, where events, film tributes, seminars, lectures, art exhibitions, music concerts, etc. take place alongside. Drama Festival is a leading festival of its kind, it has international recognition and significantly promotes the work of young filmmakers.

Every December, the biggest Christmas Festival of the country, the "Dream City of Drama" takes place in Drama, a magical Christmas village,which strongly reminds us of the Christmas villages of Central Europe.

Every June, "DramOinognosia" is organised, focusing on wine and the art of its preparation and enjoyment, as well as the rich local gastronomy in a predominantly wine-producing region of the country.

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