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Revive our oceans

11ºA Escola EB2, 3 À Beira Douro


1.Introduction to the problem


3. Solutions

4. Coastal cleaning

5.Coastal cleaning - school activity


Introductionto the problem


As we all know, our ocean isn´t what it once was, and that because the human species don´t know how to preserve it. Nowadays our ocean suffers with overfishing, along with dealing with rubbish, fuel, pesticides, sewers and waste of factories being disposed their along with the water used for waching boats that is contaminated with the chemicals on the products that are used.

"Acording to Greenpeace, our oceans recive 200 kg of rubbish per second, that form true islands of plastic 4 times the size of California."



· Coral reefs are dying, along with marine species

· Birds are dying because of ingesting contaminated fish

· Human beings can consume rubbish by eating fish and sea food

· The ocean water becomes unsuitable for swimming

· Degradation of Mangroves



Reduce ecological footprint and energy consumption;

Reduce the use of plastic;

Don't use chemical products that can harm the oceans;

Don't discard olive oil on the kitchen sink;

Put the rubbish in its proper place;

Don't discard medicine or other materials in the toilet.



This awful vison that is seeing our natural landscapes polluted by plastic on the beaches now is so common that we almost accept it as our normal.

Sometimes we only need to fix the problem with our own hands and try to make a difference, because we don't know how our actions can influence the others and cause a reaction in a chain of positive events that can cause a bigger impact.These are some organisations that clean our beaches. This are some Portuguese ones:Brigada do Mar;Valorsul;Bandeira Azul;Fundação Oceano Azul;

CoastalCleaning - School Activity


Our school is part of a project called Escola Azul, which is a project from Fundação Oceano Azul, and because of that on the 22nd September, as an anticipated celebration of the world river day, our school cleaned some of our beaches.

This is the video posted by our school.




In coclusion, our ocean is to precious and we need to care and protect it.We hope this video helped you realize the consequences of our actions and change them for the better.There are more consequences and solutions than the ones mentioned here that you should research more about.


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