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August 2020 Using gamification, culture and art to motivate language learners

December 2020 Gamify your classroom with Genially!

April 2021 Gamify your classroom with Genially! (Part 2)

April 2021 S'cape extensions

July 2021 Show and tell

"Gamification can help improve engagement levels, assist in completing certain tasks, improve individual learning and encourage personal development".

"The definition of gamification is the use of game-design elements and game principals in non-game contexts".

Genially allows you to create interactive content. You can include text, images, videos, websites., links, embedded content from other websites such as learning apps, Wheel of names, Quizlet, etc...

S'cape and Sandbox extensions allow you to take it even further for gamification and creating escape games.


Genially templates

Easily editable templates.

You can have questions straight on the game.

You can also use a S'cape extension called RND

to pick a random question.

Genially templates

You can embed quizlet to add
your questions.

You can embed Wheel of names too.

adapted from Nathalie Saint-Martin's monkey game

My own game templates

Different versions of the "voleur" game

My own games templates

My own games templates

My own games templates

Sandbox games

Spelling by Miriam Martinez


Lynx eye



Collection of dice to create your own games.


Escape games

Lots of templates in Gamification section of Genially

Easy to edit but mainly multiple choice questions.

Sandbox BREAKOUT extension


TAKIT S'cape extension

Examples of escape games made with Genially and S'cape extensions

Genially / real escape game

Example of a deck

You can embed Learning Apps in Genially and in Deck toys

Other recommendations

Different game modes - can play solo or host live in class.Very quick to create your own. You can import sets from quizlet. You can also search in library for ready made Blookets.

Other recommendations