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2020-2021 Turkey

Erasmus+ /Turkey

What exactly isErasmus?

You may ask,

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Project haS been done ın Turkey wITh Erasmus

5 students from IBB Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa, went to portuguese to study on this project;

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Time Management

Erasmus is a;

Learining program,

Erasmus+ Program is the EU's grant program in the form of education, youth and sports. The program itself supports education, training, internship, etc.

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Logo of the Erasmus Programme showing the progrmme’s namesake ofDesiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam.

Time management;

Last year Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovenia team studied on time waste,

Made presentions about time waste

Gathered up informations on time waste as, whats an time waste, etc.

And also had fun!

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Time Waste,

Whats an Time waste?

spending your time engaging in idle, unproductive, or unhelpful activities in order to consume spare time. In this usage, a modifier can be used between "waste" and "time."For an example, Most of the teenagers spend their time on their phones more than they do something productive that would help them in real life, in their future.


Memories and Photos!




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Sources:-Genially (for presantation)- Erasmus Programme en.wikipedia.org-Twin-space for photos

Erasmus Days