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a Classic
portuguese tale

The legend of the Barcelos’ rooster

nce upon a time, appeared in the village of Barcelos a Galician pilgrim who became suspect.


So, he was sentenced to hang.
Before being hanged, he asked to be taken before the judge who had sentenced him.

The authorities decided to arrest him because, despite of his oaths of innocence, no one believed that the Galician was going to Santiago de Compostela, in fulfillment of a promise, and that he was a fervent devotee of St. James, St.Paul and The Virgin.

The authorization was granted and they took him to the residence of the magistrate who, at that moment, was having a great meal with some friends.

Once more, the Galician evoked his innocence and, before the incredulity of those present, pointed to a roast cock that was on the table, exclaiming:
“It is so right that I am innocent, how right it is for this cock to crow when they hang me”.
Laughter and comments arose but, for the sake of it, no one touched the rooster.

What seemed impossible, however, became reality! When the pilgrim was being hanged, the roast cock rose up on the table and crowed.

No one ever doubted the condemned man's claims of innocence.

he judge ran to the gallows and saw, with astonishment, the poor man with a rope around his neck. However, the loose knot prevented strangulation.
Immediately had him released and sent away in peace.


A few years later, the pilgrim returned to the city of Barcelos and had a monument built in praise of Santiago and the Virgin.


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