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The Impact Of Communication On Employee And Customer Experience


The Impact Of Communication On Employee And Customer Experience

Communication is extremely vital for any organization to function smoothly. Good internal communication has a very positive impact on employee performance whereas good communication with customers allows an organization to build lasting customer relationships upon trust and loyalty.

How to improve communication?

Internal communication can be improved by:

  • Mixing and matching teams with different people from different backgrounds.
  • Having events, seminars, workshops, and training regularly.
  • Sharing all important news and updates with the employees.
  • Checking employees regularly for their cohesiveness within a workplace and making sure that nobody is feeling lonely or left out all alone.
  • Having proper channels for employee feedback – if employees still refrain, then make your feedback system support anonymous feedback. Know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.
  • Doing your part in encouraging social interaction in a workplace – all work and no play can quickly kill the communication in an office.
  • Making company information, policies, and planned changes easy to access.

Customer communication can be improved by:

  • Having experienced customer support representatives for quick resolutions.
  • Using live engagement tools for smaller problems (like chatbots for automated resolution of problems related to orders, tracking, or updates).
  • Having incentives for (hopefully unintended) bad product experience.
  • Focusing on existing customers more than acquiring new ones.

Communication Champion – always ready to help

Choosing the right communication champions


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