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Ponadnarodowa Mobilność Uczniów


12. Youth's Problems

15. Thank you

14. Mobility in September

13. Mobility in June

7. Famous People

6. Cuisine

8. Christmas Traditions

11. Hurray, Free time!

9. Youth's Dictionary

5. History and Geography

4. Promotional Posters

3. Our Partners

2. General Info

10. Youth's Daily Life

1. Participants of 78LO



Participants of 78LO

We are the students of 78 High School who actively took part in international project Young Students' Guidebook ,,Show me your world" in Polish, English and Spanish. We participated in extra classes before mobility which aimed at preparing us how to comunicate successfully with our new friends from Spain and Italy. The project was of interest to us and we are proud to share our guidebook with you.

General info

78 High School is located in the capital city - Warsaw, Poland. Poland is a country in the centre of Europe with the population of around 38 mln people. The country borders with 7 countries and has access to the Baltic Sea. The climate is affected by oceanic air masses from the west, cold polar air from Scandinavia or Russia, and warmer, subtropical air from the south. The biggest cities include Poznań, Wrocław, Cracow (the capital city in the past), Kołobrzeg, Lublin. Click on the icons to find out more.

IIS Vespucci-Colombo

IES Son Cladera

LXXVIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Pawlikowskiej-Jasnorzewskiej

Liceo Statale G.A. De Cosmi Palermo

OUR PARTNERS - Let's get to know each other!

Carteles preparados por alumnos del Instituto para promover POWER project

Posters promoting the POWER project prepared by participants of 78 High School

Plakaty promujące POWER przygotowane przez uczestników 78 Liceum Ogólnokształcącego



History of Poland

HISTORY of sicily

history of spain

Geography of Poland



Before our trip to Spain we and our peers have prepared posters and quizes about famous people from our countries. You can find there informations about our president, artists and others.

Famous people from our countries


polish cuisine

sicilian cuisine

spanish cuisine

Our NEW flavors

During our stay in Spain we got to know a lot of new tastes, from sweet to salty to spicy ones!



Before visiting Spain, during Christmas, we have listed out important Polish Christmas traditions, carols and even made some Christmas Cards!

V. youth's dictionary

During our stay and during the project in general, we have met many of our peers. Thanks to mutual conversation, we got to know each other's languages, we learned new words, the ones that we use in our everyday curves - our slang.

The dictionary of young people's language

VI. youth's DAILY life

Many of us love spending our free time on watching movies, listening to music etc. However the day of each person looks different, for example, some people enjoy eating healthy breakfast while others just get up and eat whatever comes to mind. Apart of school we do all sorts of activities throughout the day, such as going to various places or simply relaxing at home...


VII. hurray, free time!

Hurray! Free time

While being in Spain, we´ve noticed that spanish teenagers aren´t as different from us as we thought they are, but we can´t deny that some differences do appear.

VIii. youth's problems

YOUTH's problems

Young people these days have to face many different problems and obstacles in their lives. From things like social/peer pressure to problems at school which may result in their parents' disappointment in them. Many common things of today's world like social media are often factors in how a young person feels about their life and themselves. But there is always solution to a problem and in many situations it is easier than one might think!


Mobility in June

During the project, we took part in many interesting activities like visiting unique monuments such as the Cathedral and many other objects as well as visiting places even beyond Seville like Cadiz and Carmona. We even tried preparing delicious dishes such as paella. We made contacts with the people who were friendly and cheerful.

During our mobility, it was a pleasure to establish contacts with the students of Seville. It was they who gave the place a unique character. They were smiling, friendly, joyful and spontaneous, they showed us how to enjoy every moment.

Visiting in the school in June

videos from our mobility

The rich program allowed us to see, feel and enjoy a lot of the beauty of Spain. All the monuments of Seville, the ceramics with beautiful decorations, the culture that was constantly accompanying, this is what created a unique atmosphere during the tour as well as during the workshops, which will remain in our memories for a long time.

Mobility in September

During our stay in Seville, we have tasted many delicious dishes such as tortilla, paella, churros, natillas and much more. We have also visited many beautiful and interesting places like Park of Maria Luisa, Triana and Matropol Parasol. On top of that, we've also met many amazing people while working with our partner school, people who made this project unforgettable and who we will truly miss.

During our trip we spent a total of three days at the local school. We were pretty nervous at first, but the students made us feel much more comfortable. Their kindness and happiness helped us to open up. At school as well as working on the project we participated in all sorts of thigs. We spent some time in the school garden, planting some small plants with the Biology teacher, took part in a PE class and even recorded a short podcast about each day of our stay. The teachers and students also treated us to an Andalusian breakfast once, it was very tasty.

Visiting in the school in September

videos from our mobility

We're very grateful for this incredible opportunity, for the people that took care of us. This trip will stay in our hearts for a long time!

Thank you for your attention!