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Welcome to George Washington Elementary SchoolBienvenidos a la escuela de GW 2023-2024

YMCA Aftercare Program

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GW School Commitments 2023-2024

KCSD Board of Education

Table of ContentsTabla de contenido

School Day Schedule

Picking Students Up at School

Report Card Schedule

2023-2024 School Supply Lists for GW!

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2023-2024 KCSD Bus routes will be mailed!Transportation Department Information

GW School Staff

Playground Procedures

KCSD Calendar

Attendance Procedures

Breakfast and Lunch Plan

Dismissal Plan

Arrival Plan

Email Mrs. LoBianco at wlobianco@kingstoncityschools.org or message on Teams @Wanda LoBianco

Princpal, George Washington School

Mrs. Wanda LoBianco

Dear GW Familes, It is my pleasure to welcome you to George Washington Elementary School for the 2023-24 school year! I hope you enjoyed the summer with your family and friends. I am super proud of our incredible George Washington School Community and how it continues to come together to support our students! Please look through this guide and utilize it to help you become familiar with our policies and procedures here at George Washington Elementary school. As you read through the material, please let me know if you have any questions. I can always be reached easily by email or on Teams. I look forward to a fantastic new school year here at GW! Clic aqui para enspanol

Robin Jacobowitz-Vice President
TrusteesSteven SpicerCathy CollinsPricilla LoweSuzanne JordanMarc RiderJennifer Fitzgerald

Marie Anderson- President

Email the KCSD Board of Education at boe@kingstoncityschools.org


Board of Education

Your Board of Education is composed of nine residents who have been elected by the qualified voters of the Kingston City School District. The Board is vested with the responsibility of setting education policy and carrying out the mandates of the New York State Education Department. The members serve without remuneration.

We at George Washington Elementary School are committed to creating a welcoming and affirming environment to instill a joy of learning that will affect the students experiences well beyond their elementary years.

We at George Washington Elementary School are committed to strengthening the instructional delivery, across grade levels, by engaging in regularly scheduled collaboration time for staff.

We at George Washington Elementary School are committed to supporting teachers by providing professional development opportunities to ensure that instruction allows for all students to be successful. Our aim is to improve and strengthen our student learning outcomes by implementing the Montessori principles. Teachers will be trained to use research based best practices such as student led, multisensory, holistic, and scaffolded learning to ensure students meet district and state benchmarks and goals.

GW 2023-2024 SCEP Commitments...

Morning Announcements - 8:55 amAnuncios de la Manana-8:55 am

Student Dismissal Time - 3:00 pmHora de despido de los estudiantes- 3:00 pm

Student Arrival Time - 8:45 amHora de LLegada del estudiantes- 8:45 am

I am Kind, Creative, and Dedicated to work!

GW School ScheduleHorario Escolar de GW

Cristina Madrid, GW Bilingual Family Workercmadrid@kingstoncityschools.org 943-3522

Ms. Gifford, School Social Workerkgifford@kingstoncityschools.orgKimmer Gifford on Teams

Mrs. Diaz, School Psychologistjdiaz@kingstoncityschools.orgJanet Diaz on Teams

Ms. Dana, School Nurse ddiacovo@kingstoncityschools.orgDana Diacovo on Teams

Ms. Susan Palmgren, Office Managerspalmgren@kingstoncityschools.orgSusan Palmgren on Teams

Mrs. LoBianco, Principalwlobianco@kingstoncityschools.orgWanda LoBianco on Teams

School Phone Number:845-943-3513

Have a question? Please contact us!Tiene alguna preguntas? Pongase en contacto con nosotros!

George Washington ContactsContactos de GW

Playground will be for GW students only from 8:45-4:00 pm.

Only one class at a time will be on the playground during school hours.

The GW Playground is open for all students during school hours 8:45-4:00 pm. In order to keep everyone safe, our school community will follow the following guidelines:

George Washington Playground Procedures

Students will begin to enter the Building at 8:45amLos estudiantes comienzaran a ingresar al la escuela a las 8:45am

If you arrive late (8:55 AM) please walk your child to the front entrance of the GW school and ring the bell. Our Greeter Ms. Becky will be out to greet you and have you sign in your child!

4th grade students will arrive and enter though the gym doors.

Children's House students (3 year-olds, 4 year-olds, and kindergarteners will enter through the side entrance by the parking lot at 67 Wall Street.

School Starts at 8:45 am

E1 Students (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade) will arrive and enter through the auditorium doors

GW School Arrival Procedures/Llegada a la Escuela

Students will begin being dismissed at 3:00 pmLos estudiantes comienzaran a ser despedidos a las 3:00 pm

Buses pull in from Washington Avenue at 3:00 pm

Parents of 4th grade students will enter through the gym doors and get their child from their teacher.

Children's House students exit here. Side Parking Lot by 67 Wall Street.

Parents of E1 Students will enter the auditorium doors and get their child from their teacher.

GW School Dismissal Procedures/Procedimiento de despido escolar de GW

  • If your child needs to be picked up early, please send him or her in with a note so that we are prepared to dismiss them. If a student needs to be picked up early it must be done BEFORE 2:45. Early pickups will not be permitted between 2:45 and 3:00.
  • If your child is absent because of an illness, please click here to see our procedures for returning to school.

Attendance Procedures

  • If your child is absent for any reason OTHER THAN being ill (vacation, Dr. appt, etc.), please notify the school and/or send in a note stating the dates of the abscences and return date.
If your child was absent due to anillness please call Nurse Dana

Call Ms. Dana our school nurse at 943-3515 if your child is sick.

Fall is filled with lots of colds and allergies. If your child is showing signs of a cold or allergies please do the following...

Is Your Child Showing Signs of a Cold or Allergies

Si su hijo estaba ausente debido a una enfermendad, llame a la enfermera Dana

Llame a la Sra. Dana, nuestra enfermera de la escuela al 943-3515si su hijo/a esta enfermo/a.

La primavera y el otono está llena de muchos resfriados y alergias. Si su hijo muestra signos de un resfriado o alergias, haga lo siguiente lo antes posible...

¿Su hijo muestra signos de resfriado o alergias?

  • Lunches will be served in the cafeteria.
  • Students will have recess outside weather permitting.
  • Breakfast and lunch are free for all GW students.
  • Breakfst bgins at 8:30am, please enter through the front doors on 67 Wall Street.
  • Students are NOT REQUIRED to eat breakfast at school.

Lunch and Breakfast are FREE for all GW Students!Click for Lunch menu

Lunch PlanPlan de Almuerzo

Breakfast PlanPlan de Desayuno

Title 1

GW Picture Day October, 13th

Please be on the lookout for our GW Weekly Update text/email, every Friday afternoon after 4:00 pm.

Add numbers to receive texts/emails

Change Info Form

All Parents and Guardians are automatically signed up to receive test messages and emails from the KCSD and GW School. If you are not receiving these messages, please make sure your information on file is correct. You can fill out the form to the right or can sign up additional numbers by following the link.

Text and Email MessagesMensajes de texto y correo electronico

Title 1


All GW families are invited to join the GW PTO. We meet once per month on every second Tuesday In Person in the Auditorium. The PTO is always looking for parents to help out! Please join us! For more info, please contact:

GW School PTO

Title 1

Art Ms. Dana Fisher dfisher@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Georgia Lentzos-Scott glentzos@kingstoncityschools.org Band Mr. Brandon Carroll bcarroll@kingstoncityschools.org General Music Ms. Lisa Graziano lgraziano@kingstoncityschools.org Library Ms. Melanie Camara mcamara@kingstoncityschools.org PE Mr. Frank Passante fpassante@kingstoncityschools.org Mr. Mark Wyncoop mwyncoop@kingstoncityschools.org Strings Mr. Jacob Hefele jhefele@kingstoncityschools.org

Special Area

Ms. Amy Suozzo asuozzo@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Briana Owen bowen@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Chrisitne Miller cmiller@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Kira Tutko ktutko@kingstoncityschools.org

Reading AIS

Ms. Lynda O’Reilly loreilly@kingstoncityschools.org

Math AIS


Ms. Carol Kinnin-Matthews ckinnin@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Annie Kane-Horrigan akane-horrigan@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Wendi Altman waltman@kingstoncityschools.org

Ms. Jennifer Farmer jfarmer@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Kelly Mathis kmathis@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Nicole Gardner / Ms. Irene Suarez ngardner@kingstoncityschools.org isuarez@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Samantha Bigley sbigley@kingstoncityschools.org

4th Grade

E1: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade

Ms. Agnes Zarnowska / Ms. Mary Deitz azarnowska@kingstoncityschools.org mdeitz@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Caitlin Sanzi csanzi@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Deanne Bradley dbradley@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Felipa Gaudet fgaudet@kingstoncityschools.org

E1: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade

Ms. Janice Zito jzito@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Christine Klippel cklippel@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Krista Villielm / Ms. Tara Dyal kvillielm@kingstoncityschools.org tdyal@kingstoncityschools.org Mr. Mike Pettit mpettit@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Siobhan Murphy smurphy@kingstoncityschools.org

Children's House: 3, 4 & Kindergarten

Ms. Lindsay Nadler lnadler@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Lisa Hopper lhopper@kingstoncityschools.org Ms.Nicole Gill ngill@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Sherry Hixson / Ms. Holly Huppert shixson@kingstoncityschools.org hhuppert@kingstoncityschools.org

Children's House: 3, 4 & Kindergarten

Ms. Andrea McGovern amcgovern@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Erin Borden eborden@kingstoncityschools.org Ms. Christine Klippelcklippel@kingstoncityschools.org

Title 1

  • Please walk up to the front of the school and ring the bell. Ms. Becky will be out to greet you and will bring your child to you!
  • If your child needs to be picked up early, please send him or her in with a note so that we are prepared to dismiss them. If a student needs to be picked up early it must be done BEFORE 2:45. Early pickups will not be permitted between 2:45 and 3:00.

Picking Up Your Child

THANK YOU!See you on September 7th!GRACIAS!Nos vemos el 7 de septiembre!

En la Escuela Primaria George Washington estamos comprometidos a fortalecer la entrega de instrucción, en todos los niveles de grado, al participar en un tiempo de colaboración programado regularmente para el personal.

En la Escuela Primaria George Washington estamos comprometidos a apoyar a los maestros al proporcionar oportunidades de desarrollo profesional para garantizar que la instrucción permita que todos los estudiantes tengan éxito. Nuestro objetivo es mejorar y fortalecer los resultados de aprendizaje de nuestros estudiantes mediante la implementación de los principios Montessori. Los maestros serán capacitados para utilizar las mejores prácticas basadas en la investigación, como el aprendizaje dirigido por estudiantes, multisensorial, holístico y con andamios para garantizar que los estudiantes cumplan con los puntos de referencia del distrito y del estado y metas.

En la Escuela Primaria George Washington estamos comprometidos a crear un ambiente acogedor y afirmativo para inculcar una alegría de aprendizaje que afectará las experiencias de los estudiantes mucho más allá de sus años de primaria.