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CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:We will be delighted if ...

TENSES:I ____ (not ANSWER) any questions yet.

CONDITIONALS:If it _____(BE) sunny, I will go to the beach..

TENSES:Can you ski? No, but I ___ (LEARN).

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:Picasso, ____ was born in Malaga, lived in France.

TENSES:In ten years time, you ... (LIVE) in another country.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:If I had known it was dangerous ...

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:He would get the job if ...

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:This book is the best. I have read it.

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:This is the man. His car has been stolen.

CONDITIONALS:The doctor _____ (not SEE) you unless you phone first..

TENSES:How long ____ you ____ (LIVE) in this flat?

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:Your sister would come in time if ...

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:If you don't like this one ...

CONDITIONALS:Unless you are more careful, you ____ (HAVE) an accident.

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:John has got a friend. She often helps him.

CONDITIONALS:If I stand on it, the chair ___ (COLLAPSE)

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:She would have been injured if ...

TENSES:i ..... just .... (HAVE) lunch.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:Unless you pass this test ...

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:The letter had no stamp on it. I received it yesterday.

COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE:Brad Pitt is the actor who...

TENSES:Last night I ... (BREAK) a plate.

TENSES:She never .... (STUDY) at home.

TENSES:We _____ (PASS) all the exams so far.

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:Do you know the girl? She is crossing the bridge.

TENSES:While I ____ (COOK), someone ___ (KNOCK) on the door.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:I could easily get a job if ...

COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE:That was the month when ...

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:Don't accept any of the suggestions. The manager makes them.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:That is the man ____ car was burnt.

CONDITIONALS:If I saw him, I ____ (GIVE) him a gift.

CONDITIONALS:Don't try to deceive us unless you .... (HAVE) good reasons.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:I would buy a horse if ...

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:If he had had more money ...

TENSES:She always _____ (DISTURB) me!

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:There is a river ____ we have to cross.

TENSES:They ___ (GET) married next month.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:The boy, ____ bike is broken, is crying.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:This book, ____ I bought last week, is very interesting.

TENSES:She ... (LEAVE) after the film ... (FINISH).

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:if you come to Australia ...

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:Unless you turn the radio off...

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:The girl _____ left earlier is Mary.

TENSES:..... you ever .... (RIDE) a horse?

TENSES:My son ____ (WRITE) a poem when I came home.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:Ibiza is the island ____ I usually spend my holidays.

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:The employee has just arrived. You can't guess his age.

TENSES:My dad ____ (LAY) the table before we ___ (COME) home.

TENSES:I can't believe how much you ... (CHANGE) since the last time I ... (SEE) you.

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:This is the job. You must do it.

CONDITIONALS:We would have made a cake if you ____ (not FORGET) to buy eggs.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:I know the people ____ knocked on the door.

TENSES: My hands are dirty because I ... (REPAIR) my bike right now.

CONDITIONALS:If anyone attacked me, my dog ____ (JUMP) at his throat.

TENSES:There is an ambulance over there because there ... (BE) an accident.

CONDITIONALS:If I had known the whole story, I _____ (not BE) so angry.

TENSES:Tess ____ (SPEND) all her money on souvenirs.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:She would have seen the advertisement if ...

TENSES:The fire ... (START) while I ... (SLEEP)

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:I have seen the film. Its director is Steven Spielberg.

TENSES: People ... (SHAKE) hands in most countries.

CONDITIONALS:iIf I had time, I _____ (WATCH) that film!

TENSES:Where ____ you ____ (BE) recently?

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:The gate must be kept shut. You came through it.

TENSES:She ... (LEAVE) after the film ... (FINISH).

TENSES:Tomorrow at this time, we ... HAVE) our weekly surf lesson.

TENSES:Next summer we ... (VISIT) New York City.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:IWe won't help you unless...

TENSES:Why ____ he ___ (MISS) our lecture yesterday?

CONDITIONALS:We would have made a cake if you ____ (not FORGET) to buy eggs.

CONDITIONALS:Someone will steal your car if you ____ (LEAVE) it unlocked.

CONDITIONALS:We ______ (FINISH) on time if we had hurried up.

COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:This is the teacher. We have heard about her on TV.

CONDITIONALS:If you had asked me, I _____ (ACCEPT) your offer.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:The room _____ we are is very beautiful.

COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE:This is the house where ...


TENSES:The girls ____ (SING) a wonderful song at the concert yesterday.

RELATIVE PRONOUNS:Do you know anybody ___ wants to cook?

CONDITIONALS:I would have visited her if I ____ (KNOW) she was at hospital.


COMBINE THESE SENTENCES:Is there another time? I can call you then.

CONDITIONALS COMPLETE:If they had known the truth ...

TENSES:My niece ..... (PREFER) singing in the shower.

Board @fotoefectos

Tista Ramos

Based on a template by Leti Davis

This genially is based on a template created by Leti Davis. AIM Players compete on leading their four pawns out of their nest, around the whole board, into the colour track and up to the centre of the board, chasing and "eating" each other in the process. To be able to move their pawn they must answer some grammar questions. RULES To move your pieces, you must first enter them onto the track by throwing a ‘5’. Then, throw the dice and click on the finger to select a question and answer it correctly. If your answer is right, move your pawn as many numbers as indicated by the dice. Multiple pieces of the same colour can occupy the same space. If no piece can legally move according to the number thrown, play passes to the next player. Move your pieces counter clockwise. If you land on a number where there is already someone you "eat their pawn" so they must start from the beginning again. The capturing player can then immediately move any piece on the track 20 spaces forward, if possible. When a piece lands on the home area, another piece can immediately be moved forward 10 spaces, if possible. If a piece occupies a coloured space, a piece of another colour cannot be moved onto that space. Two pieces of the same colour on a safe space form a barrier that cannot be landed on or passed by any piece, even of the same colour. A throw of 6 gives another turn unless they don't answer their question properly.




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