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Tech projects in SEE for prevention or early-detection of wildfires



OrganizationType of solutionStage/ AdoptionTelelink Infra ServicesPrevenTIScombines advanced electro-optical, and thermal sensors installed on fire lookout towers and other tall structures in key locations, and a proprietary software with enhanced smoke and fire detection algorithms.Examples of areas covered by the system include Western parts of Stara Planina mountain near Vratsa, Montana and Berkovitsa, Eastern parts of Stara Planina mountain near Stara Zagora, as well as areas near Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad.AspiresDeveloped in collaboration between Bulgaria and North Macedonia,ASPires platform for fire prevention and monitoring integrates sensor networks, mobile, drone technologies, cloud computing, big data analysis and artificial intelligence while collecting data at existing CMISs.According to the ASPires' website, the vitality of the platform has been proven via experiments in National park Mavrovo in Macedonia, in Park Pirin in Bulgaria, as well as laboratory tests at University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany.University of RuseDrone-based patrol system for early detection of wildfires.Experiments are being conducted in a controlled environment in the Rusenski Lom Nature Park.Fire DetectionWith a total budget of over 1 million euro, this project developed in collaboration between Bulgaria and Greece, has been focused on amonitoring system consisting of high-tech fire detection cameras.Fire Detection systems have been installed in the Dadia - Lefkimi - Soufli National Park in Greece and Haskovo Municipality in Bulgaria.LirexLirex.com is actively developing and has already built a specialized unit for monitoring and early detection of fires. It's based on camera-powered observation towers. The fire detection systems have been implemented in several municipalities, including close to villages near Sofia.EnviewBased in San Francisco but having a Bulgarian founder and venture capital backing, Enview’s AI platform automates the analysis of 3D geospatial data. 3D LiDAR data can yield a very accurate digital twin of the physical world.The startup is already working with several big utility companies, helping them with the automation of vegetation management.EnduroSatEnduroSat's nanosatellite systems and services can also be used to collect data for wildfire prevention.

CompanyType of solutionStage/ AdoptionProbotekProbotek provides an integrated system with swarms of autonomous drones that enables immediate detection of fire outbreaks and can assist first responders in firefighting operations.The company which has become one of the leading providers of various drone and IoT services in Southeast Europe, has joined several projects, including RESPOND-A, a HORIZON 2020 program for assisting early responders under crisis scenarios.FireproovSensor-based system that calculates the risk of wildfire.Still in the very early stages, the team was one of the finalists in Junior Achievement's Start Up program in Greece.Robotic CatsCombines advanced electro-optical and infrared sensors with enhanced smoke detection algorithms and automatic hot spots detection.HQd in Hong Kong, the company installed fire detection systems in Greece earlier in 2021.NOFFi (National Observatory of Forest Fires)NOFFi is providinga remote sensing-based fuel type mapping methodology,a semi-automatic burned area mapping service; and a dynamically updatable fire danger index providing mid-term predictions.The main goal of this research project is the establishment and pilot operation of an Observatory of Forest Fires, aiming to develop a series of modern products and services for supporting the efficient forest fire prevention management in Greece and the Balkan region, as well as to stimulate the development of transnational fire prevention and impacts mitigation policies.