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Song Activity 022-21

Lyrical Reading


Match the 7 reasons why it is good to ask for help with the sentences (a-g).

Do you agree with all of them?

a) sharing personal information and problems, demonstrates to others that we like them and want to develop the relationship. ( )

c) People who reach high levels in life are willing to improve, and as such seek advice to identify and improve their weaknesses. ( )

d) Sitting next to hard working people increases a person’s work ethic and can enhance effort levels. ( )

e) Help from others can be acquired in the form of praise (for effort) and feedback, which can facilitate better performance.

f) Feeling connected to others and learning new things is key to improving well-being. Both of these things can be developed through asking people to give a hand when in need ( )

b) If we are able to ask for help and obtain feedback, we can overcome setbacks and grow ( )

g) People often feel vulnerable when asking for help. However, most people see this vulnerability as a courageous and positive attitude.
( )

Do these pictures represent the same thing? Explain.
Which picture do you like the most? Why?



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