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My dearest sister clan and Clash of the Clans 2019 competitive joint!

Habingerz, out of any clan, has been such an amazing community that has helped me in a lot of ways than anyone would ever know. BohemianCritic and I are very close, and to have met her was one of the most treasured moments I hold closest to my heart. And even though they are such a fantastic community where they are inclusive and positive, do not let their friendly exterior fool you! This clan can be extremely competitive, especially in Battle Events! It really was no surprise they dominated the Clan Leaderboard in Battles for months!

I wanted to create a banner that demonstrated their competitive behaviour beneath their relaxed exterior because believe me! Harbingerz does live by their motto of, "Go for the gold." And then, I saw a vector design with flames that emitted their ability as a competitive Top Clan perfectly. And thus, this banner was born.



I think the name Dark Challenge has become a well-known term around the school grounds. And the clan being lead by none other than Sylvya, it seems to me that the success this clan has gotten from its early days does not seem too impossible to imagine.

Hands down one of the clans I've grown to admire from afar, when I got a request to make a Mystery Clan Banner from this clan, you couldn't even imagine my excitement to start experimenting.

I opted to go for a red particle background to make their banner. The first version had a symbol on its middle that represented a certain edgy video game character that hasn't had much luck to find its dang fourth chaos emerald, but I'm much more proud of this version.



Bandi-who? Whut? I've never heard of this in my life.

Just kidding. Although there are many things to be said about this clan, one of those that I'd point out the most would be, "It's all about fun, competitive racing!". Undoubtedly during my short period as a Bandito, I've seen why this clan has earned their #2 spot on the Top Clans leaderboard. All are exceptional fliers, and I'll say from those that I know, very friendly indeed. The exhilarating sensation of racing against some Banditos follows me to this day, especially if it's a race against notable members like QuartzzWolf or IIVelocityyII (bring it on! lol).

As a person who enjoys contemporary and abstract art, the moment I saw the background was when I knew I had a winner. Following their original colours, orange and black, it took less than 15 minutes to finish with small touches until I rendered this Banner complete, and still stands as one of those that I'm most proud of.



So many clans in here that I've grown close to! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Permanent Damage, yet another Top Clan who I'm proud to call a dearest community to me.

I'll be honest, though. I don't really remember how I met Janovia (the Leader), but however means we met, I'm glad we did. She and her clanmates have become such close friends of mine, that I'm deeply saddened I don't get to see them nowadays. They even entrusted me to their Clan Discord Server, which still blows my mind. And to this day, I still feel grateful for it.

Their Banner, like some others, I wanted to make extra special. Something that represented their loyalty to one another and how competitive the entire clan could be, especially since many members are honorary racers. Taking in their official colours, I came across a dragon insignia that perfectly depicted their bonds: a circle of fierce loyalty that strives for greatness.



Who said that the only inspirational clans need to be on the Top Clans Leaderboard?

A clan I knew of for a long time now, but still manages to impress me, mainly due to its Leading creator. A well-known artist in the Forums, DyliehIdol's charismatic behaviour was the one thing that inspired me to make GWR a clan banner of their own.

Although it's been a while since I last chatted to Dylieh, I still consider him a close friend of mine since his chat logs would always find a way to make my day. If anyone were to ask me about true and authentic friends, Dylieh is definitely one of them.

Even though the majority of the banners present depict a dragon as their logo, I felt myself drawn toward using a bird illustration to represent Glass Wing Riders. Seeing as neon green and black are Dylieh's preferred colours, I decided to go with those, and dare I say, I like how it turned out.



Self-promotion who?

Oh, I could go on an entire day talking about my current home clan, but to spare you the rollercoaster of emotions, I'll try and be concise. This clan was born this year (2020) as I was feeling kind of left out. Although I had the minimum trophy count amount to enter several clans, I still felt like I had nowhere to go.

Limitless was created with the simple principle that "no one is left behind", and that those who entered would always feel like there was a person who cared, even though they felt like no one did. Surprisingly, as of posting this, it grew to even greater lengths I never would've imagined! And I took the vast array of differing personalities inside Limitless.

Although hard to see, that's the point of this particular Banner. An image where you could explore the different shapes and colours to see that they're endless, and thus, referring to the name of my proud clan.



If there's a clan I admired during the first years of playing School of Dragons, it was WARZONE.

Here's my backstory with them: way before I created TLFR, I found myself drawn to WARZONE for a reason still unknown to me. I played on, created The Light Fury Racers, and for some strange coincidence, in late 2018 I finally got to meet its previous Leader, AlphaSkrilly. And I'll say, he was really nice to me! And to have been invited by TrophyHunterYT into the clan, I'll say, it was a dream come true for me.

Since I know at least three people in that clan (two of whom have left but are wonderful people), I decided to make them a proper Banner. Seeing as their vibrant purple colour is iconic, I decided to have it made out into abstract shapes that contrasted the dragon icon.



There are many clans in SoD; like, a lot. Want to know the one that I've seen stand out? The Dragon Racers.

JbMiller is a brilliant person to interact with, I won't lie. I've been to the clan twice, and as a proud current member, I am more than honoured to have made a clan banner for them! The clan is so diverse and, in comparison to the rest of the Top Clans, a BIG community that I'm always so happy to see wandering around the school grounds. And they're great racers too!

Now, what is it with the space theme, some may be asking? Here's the answer: I have no clue either, lol! I just like stars, so I guess I projected that love into their banner. Plus, they're pink neon coloured! Felt like a good excuse to place nebulas into the background, hahaha.



It's been three years since I created this account, but one thing that has been consistent throughout them all is the inspiration Isle of Gazoo brings out.

A perfect example of a community bound by friendship and a person's value above all, HPowers has gained my utmost respect for having such a friendly clan that's inclusive and lovable. It really is impressive to see a clan like this one amongst the Top Clans Leaderboard, where quite literally, the description doesn't ask for players to say their trophy count, and instead, state their name.

Yes! You can search it up! It's true.

Although the last clan I'll be narrating, Isle of Gazoo will never be last in regards to inspiration, admiration, and support from my part. And as such, I've made it my goal to create the best Banners I can for this particular clan because if there's one that truly deserves it, is this one.

Book Covers

Demigods & Dragons crossover series

· Art by their respective artists.

· HTTYD and PJO characters by respective franchises and their owners.

· Covers used for fanfiction; no ownership over franchise characters or art. Only plot.

Programs used: PhotoScape X, Canva (desktop).

Time spent: around 1.30 hours each.


The book of humen: book cover editing service

· Cover art reserved by the respective artist.

· Plot points reserved by @Jei Rikkardi.

· Cover used for fanfiction; no ownership over franchise characters or art.

Program used: Adobe Spark (desktop).

Time spent: around 1.30 hours.


Together we soar: book cover editing service

· Cover art reserved by the respective artist.

· Plot points reserved by @EllaAcademyOfBerk.

· Cover used for fanfiction; no ownership over franchise characters or art.

Program used: Adobe Spark (desktop).

Time spent: around 1 hour.


selene: book cover editing service

· Cover art reserved by the respective artist.

· Plot points reserved by @Lissa O' Connell.

· Cover used for fanfiction; no ownership over franchise characters or art.

Program used: Adobe Spark (desktop).

Time spent: 1 hour.


The art of stealing standalone novel

· Cover art by respective artists (Pixabay).

· All rights reserved by @Muzzaa_

Program used: PhotoScape X.

Time spent: 1.30 to 2 hours in detailing and font choice.


Linked standalone novel

· Cover art extracted from editing original characters in Artbreeder.

· All rights reserved, @Muzzaa_

Program used: PhotoScape X.

Time spent: approximately 2.30 hours in rendering and minute detailing.


Perennial short story

· Cover photography owned by me.

· All rights reserved.

Program used: PhotoScape X.

Time spent: 1 - 1.30 hours.


melodies of the broken standalone novel

· Cover art extracted from Pexels.

· All rights reserved.

Program used: Photoshop v.2020.

Time spent: around 2 hours.


random designs


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