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This presentation shows the classroom materials from our lesson on cyberbullying. The lesson and the teachers' guide is available from Peacheypublications.com





By Nik Peachey


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Demonstration Copy

What is cyberbullying?What do cyberbullies do?How common is cyberbullying?How big a problem do you think cyberbullying is?What do you think causes cyberbullying?Where do you think it happens?What type of person do you think becomes a cyberbully?How can you protect yourself from cyberbullying



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Reading Task


There are 8 types of cyberbullying.72% of teenagers are bullied every day.95% of teens who see cyberbullying online ignore it.The most common platform for cyberbullying is Instagram.The majority of teen victims worry that their parents will get involved.46% of cyberbullying victims feel depressed.Less than 50% of parents are aware that their teens are being cyberbullied.

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Your Response

Which of the 8 types of cyberbullying do you think is worst?Why do you think others join in when they see cyberbullying happening?Which gender do you think suffers most often from cyberbullying?Why do you think teenage victims find it hard to tell their parents?How would you support a friend who is being cyberbullied?How difficult do you think it is to catch a cyberbully?What action should schools and parents take when they identify a cyberbully?How can cyberbullying be prevented?

Discussion Task

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Find out:How cyberbullies can be caughtWhat laws exist to protect people from cyberbullyingWhat penalties and punishments exist for cyberbullying

Create a short presentation to make people more aware of cycberbullying.

A definition of cyberbullyingThe most common formsThe problems caused by cyberbullyingWhere cyberbullying occursHow cyberbullies can be caughtPenalties for cyberbullying

Include a slide on each of these topics:

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Research 2

Create a questionnaire to find out about people's experience and opinions of cyberbullying.Write questions to find out:If they have been bulliedWhether they know someone who has been bulliedWhich forms of bullying they have experiencedWhat they did about itWhat they think can be done to protect peopleWhat punishments there should be for cyberbullying

Google Forms

Create your questionnaire using:

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