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Emerald made by Brynne Bjornsson

· Formerly known as EmeraldGemHuntress· Now known as Hiiddenn· Ya'll can call me Hiiddenn, Hid, Sil, Huntress, Em, or Emerald. I go by so many names now LOL


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<·>Emlaisse Delsen(nickname Em; moniker Hiiddenn) has...quite an interesting backstory.She was born in Nepenthe Island, being the only child of Nimrod and Saga Delsen. Her last name means "son of del", which makes reference to her great-grandfather, Del the Just.Somewhere during her early years, Nepenthe was attacked by Berserkers. During the fire, her family home was burnt to the ground and her parents sacrificed themselves to get her off the island.Emlaisse was stranded on the ocean for a week (following several storms) on a small raft before landing on Sunken City and taken in by the local villagers. During her journey to Sunken City, she had encountered several Tidal Class dragons - like the Scauldron and Thunderdrum - and had developed a fascination with oceanic dragons.She was adopted by fishermen and early on displayed great accuracy when fishing. After being persuaded by Feire the Dune, she became a master in Archery.Emlaisse grew up as the "outsider", and would later grow fond of walking along the sandy shores by herself. One of those walks made her experience Dragon Hunters passing by with caged dragons, and after a runaway Sand Wraith tried to escape them, Em aided it from the Hunters.The Sand Wraith - now named Jackpot by Em - was hard to bond with, and took the archer several times before both understood each other. Taming a dragon in Sunken City was not approved of, and soon enough, both dragon and rider had to leave to Tyr Island.After hearing the news of a new Hooligan chief, the two set off to Berk, where she was soon appointed to the School of Dragons. There, she'd practice Fireball Frenzyon a daily basis, growing comfortable with crossbows as her main choice of weapon.Despite her rough early years, Em's personality is not driven by her past. Extroverted, care-free, and adventurous, she's mostly seen in a good mood. However, she's known to be forgetful, clumsy, and self-conscious, especially when around brand-new people.Em's favorites include the ocean, the color blue, and cliff divingwith Jackpot. Amongst her dislikes, yaknog and the occasional Berserker get on her nerves.

I've changed my name three times!For two consecutive years, I logged in asEmeraldGemHuntress(which, fun fact! came from my username in another game), and somewhere in 2019, changed it toHiddenSilhouettefor a brief period of time.Since late 2019-early 2020, it's stayedHiiddenn:)


I joined in January 24th, 2017! Although I've been in the game as far as 2016.Retired for a while, but back for now!As of now, I have around 30,000 trophies! I won't lie, I am not the best at racing, but it's been fun collecting these.

My favourite Thunder Run Racing track is Gronckle Run.My favourite minigame, however, is Fireball Frenzy.My favourite dragon species in SoD are: Sand Wraiths!


I have over 100 dragons and am an avid dragon trainer.My main racing dragons are Jackpot, Paralia, Kokkinos, Waverider and Blue (Sand Wraiths), Sunset (Night Terror), and the Fury Family.My favourite dragon class is Tidal!

Proud and retired Leader of The Light Fury Racers (2018-2019)Current proud Leader of Limitless! (2020-)I prefer collecting weaponry than getting a new dragon in events.

Clan History

The Timberjack RacersThe Renegade RacersI began to get an interest in racing.

The Light Fury RacersHarbingerz / Harbinger FuriezGlass Wing RidersPermanent DamageIsle of GazooWARZONELeadership, joint clans and collabs.

Heart and Soul of DragonsThe Pheonix KnightsBandito GangName change and return to the game.

LimitlessThe Dragon RacersSecond-time with Leadership status.

Ecliptic EmbersGroup Name FlaggedAlternate accounts on various clans.









1k trophies, proud member of The Dragon Racers!


Proud new student!

6k trophies, proud member of Bandito Gang!


Viking team

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<·>Halver Tyvernsen, or better known for his moniker NiiGHTZ, is a Hooligan born and raised on theIsle of Berk. He is the first son of Siv and Asmund, and the older brother to Royelle.A Viking with a natural calling for mischief, Halver's easily driven to anything that might need destroying. This might explain why he and Niightmare (Skrill) bonded so easily. Combine the two, and you've got yourself a pair of destructive lunatics. (Sounds familiar enough...)When visiting the School, he enjoys Dragon Tactics and excels in swordsmanship. His weapon of choice is the Champion Sword.His favorites include the color black, wrecking havoc around Dark Deep, and teasing Mildew.

<·>Silenzia (real name Runa) was a former Outcast that now lives on the Isle of Berk. Her biological family is unknown, as well as her family's last name. Nonetheless, she was adopted when arriving at Berk by Olga the Seeker.She created her moniker in remembrance of her younger self's demeanor (silent = silenzia). During her early years in Outcast Island, she would be key to several Dragon Trades made by other tribes. A particular dragon egg sparked her interest and decided to keep it. Soon enough, she and Scorpio (Triple Stryke) formed a bond.She's fond of the School's Flight Academy and is an excellent Racer. When handling weaponry, she's shown better results using theDreadfall Axe.Runa enjoys places that are peaceful and silent, likeGlacier Island. She loves the color violet and Olga's homemade yaknog.

<·>Royelle Tyvernsenis a Hooligan born and raised on theIsle of Berk. She is the daughter of Siv and Asmund Tyvernsen, and the younger sister of Halver.Unlike her brother, Royelle is known to be intellectual and much more mature despite her age. Her lack of humor, however, might make her a bit moody and dull. This personality mirrors Kenai's (Monstrous Nightmare) who bonded with her during Halver's antics.She'd rather live at the School than in Berk (according to her), and her favorite pastime when not studying is Dragon Care. Even though she's not that strong, she shows promise in swordsmanship and finds the Flame Whipper Swordto be useful.She loves the color red, reading around Berk Docks, and gliding at sunset.

I've met so many people during my five-year stay in SoD. However, these are the mates that made these years brilliant!Janovia, Jyharri, Flitt, BohemianCritic, Sylveon Hearts, Gobbar, SavyWolf, Andlangur, Faithin, Tamersheilla, JakxFrost, DragonbornOfShadows and DarkFrostAbsol.


Jackpot made by DyliehIdol1214

As of today, I have trained over 100 dragons!Would you like to meet them?









Stoker Class

Abonibumble - Christmas (female)Fireworm Queen - Emberfly (female)Fire Terror - Praenuntium (male)Flame Whipper - Aestus (male)Hobblegrunt - Fireshot (male) - Ellaria (female)Moldruffle - Pyrel (male)Monstrous Nightmare - Magmus (male, TITAN) - Ignia (female) - Mcsizzle (male)Night Terror - Sunset (female)Silver Phantom - Phantasma (male)Singetail - Whiplash (male)Terrible Terror - Nikko (male, TITAN)Typhoomerang - Stormblaze (male) - Sparkz (female)

boulder Class

Catastrophic Quaken - Rocker (male)Crimson Goregutter - Behemoth (male, TITAN)Eruptodon - Gama (male) - Boulder (male)Grapple Grounder - Seismos (male) - Zeme (female)Groncicle - Shiverfoot (male) - Stalactaurus (male) - Steinene (female)Gronckle - Stonemuncher (male, TITAN) - Izikhali (female) - Frannk (male)Hotburple - Rockblast (male)Ridgesnipper - Destellia (female)Screaming Death - Agrios (male, TITAN) - Thandalene (female)[Elder] Sentinel - EchoSonar (male)Shovelhelm - Azura (female)Snafflefang - Rockfang (male)Thunderpede - Agelis (male)Whispering Death - Spineminer (male, TITAN) - Stonewild (male) - Spinfire (female)

sharp Class

Bonestormer - Mayhem (male)Deathly Galeslash - Solaria (female)Devilish Dervish - Devilia (female)Grim Gnasher - Grimmborn (male, TITAN)Prickleboggle - Blindheal (male)Raincutter - Hail (male)Razorwhip - Klinga (female, TITAN) - Steelrace (male)Scuttleclaw - Wingclaw (female) - Hookclaw (male, TITAN) - Alvira (female) - Flight (female)Shivertooth - Frostpike (male) - Elurra (female) - Krystalla (female)Speed Stinger - Zipline (male, TITAN) - Nevara (female) - Flow (male)Stormcutter - Ouranos (male, TITAN) - Empress (female) - Helixwing (male)Timberjack - Timberslice (male, TITAN)

mystery Class

Armorwing - Metalwing (male)Boneknapper - Boneknight (male, TITAN) - Nalla (female) - Hedy Lamarr (female)Buffalord - Nystaleos (male, TITAN)Cavern Crasher - Hellion (male)Changewing - Veil (female)Chimeragon - Gryphon (male)Death Song - Hypnos (male, TITAN)Dramillion - Aktinovala (female, TITAN)Dreadstrider - Moonlight (female)Flightmare - Nightmare (male, TITAN) - Mania (female)Ghastly Zapplejack - Timmeh (male)Hideous Zippleback - FlapJack (male, TITAN) - TrickSly (female) - Dipla (female)Hobgobbler - Loki (male)Slithersong - Styx (female)Slitherwing - Cobra (female)Smothering Smokebreath - Achnos (male) - Nebulah (female)Snaptrapper - Tethra (female)Sweet Death - Idliso (male)

tracker Class

Deadly Nadder - Neospike (male, TITAN) - Sharpshot (female) - Pipping (female)Mudraker - Navigator (male)Rumblehorn - Tinderhull (male, TITAN) - Valentine (female)

tidal Class

Sand Wraith - Jackpot (male, TITAN) - Paralia (female) - Waverider (male) - Kokkinos (male) - Blue (male)Scauldron - Dilitirio (male, TITAN)Shockjaw - Galvanon (male, TITAN)Sliquifier - Cyclone (male) - Foame (female)Windwalker - Aether (male)Thunderdrum - Watertail (male, TITAN) - SeaBurst (male, TITAN) - TidalWave (male) - Sheilla (female) - Seaweed Brain (male) - Riptide (male)Tide Glider - Helia (female)

strike Class

Deathgripper - Stingtail (male, TITAN)Light Fury (female)Night Fury - Toothless (male)Night Light - Pouncer (male, adult) - Ruffrunner (male, adult) - Dart (female, adult) - Pouncer (male)Skrill - Thunderstorm (male, TITAN) - Elektra (female, TITAN) - Aurabolt (male) - Jazzon (male) - Pirate Boy (male, TITAN)Skrillknapper - Skios (male)Snow Wraith - Phrenesis (male, TITAN) - Eira (female)Triple Stryke - Noxious (male, TITAN)Woolly Howl - Sullyvan (male, TITAN) - Blizzard (female) - Snowstorm (male) - Borealia (female)


... and 32 Titans trained!

16 Stoker-Class dragons

23 Boulder-Class dragons

19 Sharp-Class dragons

23 Mystery-Class dragons

6 Tracker-Class dragons

16 Tidal-Class dragons

19 Tracker-Class dragons

Emerald in a Summer Dress made by TosiLohi




HOTEL HIDEAWAYFind me as: Cappella

MINECRAFTFind me as: Hiiddennn

I'm a fan of...

Percy Jackson & The Olympians / Heroes of Olympus Series

My favorites are The Battle of the Labyrinth (Book 4) and The Mark of Athena! (Book 8)

Stranger Things

I love Season 2, and my favorite characters are Hopper and Eleven. Alexei too (RIP).

Teen Wolf

My favorite character is Stiles Stilinski (my baseball bat-loving boi!!) and I'd watch this series any time.

How To Train Your Dragon / Race to the Edge

Favorite movie? How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (no judging), and my favorite season is Season 3. Toothless, the twins and Viggo are my favorite characters.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Major fan of the Iron Man movies, the Avengers, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I love Tony Stark, Bucky, Sam, and Natasha Romanoff.

Star Wars

Favorite episodes? Episodes III, V and VII.Anakin, R2D2, Obi-Wan,Kylo Ren and Hans Solo are my favorite characters.


Forever a lover of their 'A rush of Blood to the Head' album.Favorite songs include Clocks, The Scientist, Everglow, Sky Full of Stars, In My Place, and Yellow.

Modern Emerald by DyliehIdol1214


Ze epitome of high-quality special effects.No jk. But I loved Season 6! Lex Luthor andMartha Kent are my favorite characters.

Mission: Impossible

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the best, hands down.

some tests i did for fun...

Styxxia made by Flitt