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Using the library


LoansBy registration free and automatic for the ISAR-SUPAERO members. If you are not registered in our library network, please consult the library card rates online. The IZLY card allows you to connect to your reader account. You may borrow from all libraries of the Archipel network Reserve and renewDirectly at the information desk oh the libraryIn your reader account connecting to ARCHIPELShuttle busGive the documents borrowed from a library in the Archipel network participating in the shuttle and bring documents available in other libraries (INSA, INP, ENAC, UT1, UT3, INUC, Mines d'Albi).Wifi + computers + printer/scanThe library offers public and private wireless access, computers freely available (ISAE account required) and black and white printer-scanner.


Students, authorized readers, staff


10 items 4 weeks

Doctoral students, Research faculty

50 for 4 weeks + "research loans"


Border games

2 pour 2 semaines

4 items for 2 weeks

DVD players

1 item for 2 weeks

2 items for 2 weeks

Help and support


Inter-library loans (PEB)To request books or articles when they are not available through one of the libraries in the Toulouse University network.The request must be send by email to : peb@isae.frOnline trainingsFind on the LMS, the module "Les ateliers de la Doc" to learn about our resources, our search tools and our services.If you have any questionsPlease contac us :By using the Central service: http://desk.isae.frBy going at the infortmation desk of the libraryBy mail or phone : documentation@isae.fr or 05 61 33 81 34

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Information and reference desk : 05 61 33 81 34documentation@isae-supaero.fr orfirst name.last name@isae-supaero.frKathia CLERC : Administrative and logistics managerEve DERACHE : Responsible for subscriptions and documentary trainingNacira EL YACOUBI : Responsible for research servicesAgnès HOLTZHÄUSSER : Responsible for Document Management System (IDOL) and legal archivingDominique LABRO : Responsible for collections and historic archivesIsabelle LATREILLE : Responsible for documentary policy and documentary information systemSylvie MERSADIER : Director of the library, scientific integrity referentCécile MORZADEC : Assistant director, communication, event programmingIsabelle SOUBY : Responsible for scientific collections and thesisAnne UCHAN : Information and reference desk, travels guides

Finding resources


On siteScientific books, language books, french and foreigh novels, DVD's, comic books, travail guides, newspapers, magazines, digital ressources, boards games, etc.OnlineScientific journals, ebooks, scholarly documents published by ISAE-SUPAERO and thesis defended at ISAE-SUPAEROAn oline tools to identify resources available : A quick access to our tools on IRIShttps://iris.isae-supaero.fr/ RECHERCHE/DocumentationA nomadic access to reach digital resourcesof the library (after authentification)https://iris.isae-supaero.fr/ NOMADOC(With key resources : Europresse, IEEE, Science Direct, AIP, Springer...)

Your futur Learning Center


Located in the heart of the campus

+ de 2 500 m²

300 seats

Individua and group spaces

crédits@LCR Architectes

crédits@LCR Architectes

Large flexible space

Conviviality area


Opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 9h - 19h Thursday : 10h - 19h In September : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 9h - 18h Thursday : 10h - 18h Public holidays : Monday to Friday : 9h - 12h and 14h - 17hLocation

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