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Students’ interaction with other students


  • Icebreakers
  • Team Builders
  • Collaborative Breakout Activities
  • Games
  • Lab Activities
  • Collaborative Creation

UDL Considerations:

Assign group work.
Encourage students to use synchronous tools for group meetings.
Require students to post certain assignments (e.g., short papers, journals, websites) so they are available to the entire class and invite students to comment on each other’s work.
Assign students to take turns moderating the discussion forums.
Encourage content-based conversation in discussion forums.
Encourage socializing in discussion forums.

Students’ interaction with course content


  • Digital Notebooks
  • Breakout Activities

UDL Considerations:

Keep the format of your lessons and modules consistent.
Have students participate in online simulations.

Assign activities that require students to interact with the content and explore the topic in greater detail.
Create discussion forums that require students to reflect and build on the content.
Minimize the amount of instructor-generated content, and guide students into generating their own content.

Use self-tests to allow students to check their understanding of content.
Provide links to online resources that allow students to explore the topic in more depth.

Use audio and video clips for access to guest lecturers and field experts.
Present content in more than one format.

Students’ interaction with the instructor


  • Q&A
  • Office Hours
  • Submission of Assignments
  • Feedback from Instructor

UDL Considerations

Provide clear and thorough information to students.
Provide more than one way for students to contact you.
Present a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.