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Language and Symbols


  • Provide digital access to resources so participants may alter the text color, font, and/or size to meet their needs

  • Use closed captioning and provide the transcript for videos

  • Provide visuals to accompany text and/or speech

  • Provide audio descriptions to accompany visuals

  • Embed hyperlinks to explanations, definitions and/or graphics for vocabulary and/or concepts

  • Make connections between prior learning and new concepts through the use of concept maps or other graphic organizers

  • Provide electronic translation tools

  • Multi media representations including photographs, movement, manipulatives, etc.

  • Provide graphic organizers to help build knowledge and make connections between previous, current, and future learning

  • Provide Examples/Non Examples

  • Step-by-step guides

  • Chunking of materials

  • Vary materials provided to help foster knowledge such as videos, articles, tools, art, diagrams, formulas, etc.