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STEP 2: Fund your wallet

For this step we are going to use Binance but, you can use FTX or any CEX you prefer.

First of all, you must log in on your Binance account. After logging in, you need to buy some SOL to fund your wallet. We're sure you know how to do that so we're not going to waste your precious time.

Once you have your SOLs, you must to go to WALLET, then FIAT AND SPOT.

Now you must identify the token you want to deposit in your sollet wallet, in this case SOL so click on withdraw.

In the next steps, we are going to explain how to fill in the boxes that will appear when you clicked "withdraw".

1) Select coin

Since you clicked on SOL for withdraw, SOL will be shown as default.

2) Withdraw to

Now you have to click on “New Address”. If you already saved an address, you can go there but im guessing you wouldn't be in this tutorial if thats the case.

3) Select address

Now you need to go to your Brand new wallet on Sollet.io and copy your address as it shows below.

Click on the token you want to deposit, and the box will expand down.

Click on "receive".

And finally get your address by clicking on the button shown below.

Once you have your address copied, go back to Binance and paste it on "address".

4) Select network

As you can see, in this case Binance identifies your address as a SOL address. But if it doesn’t, you must be sure that you are sending your coins through the right network or you could loose your them.

So, just in case, click on "network" and select the right network as it’s shown below.

5) Withdraw amount

Select the amount you want to withdraw, and remember that fees are included.

Once you complete that, click on withdraw and check all the data you put on the lockers. If that’s ok then click on continue.

Now you must fill the security verification as it shows below.

Click on submit and your withdraw will be complete. Just sit and wait like 1 minute to get your SOLs on your Sollet wallet. And 1 minute is a lot for the speed at which solana works.

Go to your sollet wallet, and you should have your tokens there. Although Solana network is really fast, you may experience some delay on withdrawing SOL from Binance due to network issues or Binance taking some time to process the order. Don't panic, your tokens are on their way to your wallet.

Just in case, click on REFRESH to check it out.

Congratulations!! Now you have SOL on your wallet, and you’re closer to get that precious APEX!

See you on STEP 3!

STEP 1: Create your Solana wallet

First things first, you need to create a Solana wallet, for this tutorial we are going to use Sollet.io but you can also use any of this options:

  • Sollet Extention
  • Ledger
  • Solong
  • Phantom
  • Solflare.com
  • MathWallet
  • Bonfida

We start by heading to sollet.io and this window will show up:

Always remember to keep the seed words for yourself and in a safe place, they are trully important if you need to restore your wallet or access it from another device. If somehow you manage to loose this seed words, and your device gets stolen or brakes, say goodbye to your wallet . THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

Check on “I have saved these words in a safe place”, then click on "Download backup mnemonic file (required)" and continue.

Time to set up your password that will allow you to enter your wallet.

We suggest "APEXTO$1". Just kidding, be smart when choosing your password.

Click on create wallet and now you’re a proud owner of a sollet wallet.

See you on STEP 2 apes!

STEP 4: Get your precious APEX

Now that you have USDCs on sollet, it’s time to get your APEXs!

Go to one of the DEXs shown on STEP 3 and get ready to buy. In this tutorial, as we said before, we will use Bonfida.

You already know how to connect your wallet, so let's skip that step.

Look in the lens for APEX/USDC pair and click on it.

Now follow the steps shown on STEP 3 - GET SOME USDC. It’s the same thing but now you are buying APEX/USDC instead of selling SOL/USDC.

Once you settle your assets, your precious APEX will appear in your wallet.

In this case you don't need to mint the token. And if the APEXs don't appear, click on refresh as you learned before.

Now you can trade any token on Solana blockchain!!!

Is time to enjoy your precious APEX!! Go to step 5 for valuable information, see you there!!

STEP 3: Get some USDC

Now that you have your SOL tokens on your wallet, it’s time to get some USDC. This USDC are going to be used for buying your precious APEX.

First of all you need to mint the USDC on your sollet wallet. So go to sollet.io, log in with your password and click on “+”.

Find USDC on the list and click on “add”.

In this step it is essential that you have some SOLs since you need them to pay the fee for adding USDC. Fees are 0.002 SOL.

Once you have minted the token, it is time to exchange some SOL for USDC.

Head over to any DEX shown below and trade SOL/USDC:

For this tutorial we are going to use Bonfida, so click on the link above and follow this steps:

1) Choose your wallet

First of all you must select your wallet, in this case Sollet.io.

2) Connect your wallet

Once you selected your wallet, click on "connect wallet" and look up for pop ups from sollet. Then click on "connect".

3) Select SOL/USDC pair

Click on the lens, and write SOL/USDC.

4) Sell SOL/USDC

Scroll down and sell your SOL like on any DEX you use to operate. You can make a limit order, or a market order if you are anxious.5) Approve transaction

Once you click on "Limit sell SOL" or "Market sell SOL", you must approve your transaction through your wallet. Look up for pop ups!

6) Settle assets

When transaction is made your tokens remain on the DEX, so you need to settle all your assets to send them to your wallet.

7) Approve transaction

Again, look up for pop ups.

When all steps are done, you should have the USDCs on your wallet. If they doesn’t appear, just click on refresh to update.

Congrats! Now you know how to get USDCs!

See you on STEP 4 ape!

STEP 5: Hold until Lambo

Now is time to HODL!

If you are here and APEX value is less than $1, then hold it until it reaches $1.

If you are here and APEX value is less than $10, then hold it until it reaches $10.

If you are here and APEX value is less than $100, then hold it until it reaches $100.




If you are here and APEX value is less than LAMBO, then hold it until it reaches LAMBO.

Congrats!! Now you're a proud member of apexit.finance. Hope you enjoy the ride!