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Green Screen Summit


July 8th

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Lisa Love

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Erika & Manny

Erika & Manny

Coffee Time Live!Morning Giveaways

Coffee Time Live!Morning Giveaways

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Lunch Interviews

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Erika & Manny

Happy Hour Live!PRIZES

Erika & Manny

Happy Hour Live!PRIZES

Erika & Manny


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Session 22

Cartoon Creations! TO THE ARTMOBILE! LESSGOOO! Have you always wanted to "jazz up" your video presentations with fun cartoon animations? Well, this is the perfect session for you! Students will be excited, motivated, and definitely engaged with your cartoon enhanced lessons! All artistic skill levels are welcome!

Imagination is the language of the soul! We will discover together why teachers should/could use more technology such as green screens, Do Ink, other apps to help their students bring their imaginations to life and WHY that is important, because it helps our students have HOPE for the future! Einstein also said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is the language of the soul. Pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.”

Green Screen Magic! Your K-12 students can easily create videos for storytelling, book reviews, historical reenactments, weather reports and more using Green Screen Technology. Janet and Joan will show you how to create awesome videos with an iPad, some cool apps and various inexpensive green screen backgrounds.

Grab your lunch and join us! LUNCH Interviews with STICK TOGETHER & WAKELET plus GIVEAWAYS!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

Discover the MAGIC of Green Screen! Enjoy the magic of Green Screen through two easy to implement app smashing projects with step by step video directions that can be used with any age students. Need backgrounds videos for green screen projects? One of these projects will cover that too. All you need is an iPhone and the FREE Clips app.

Thrive with Visual Appealing Google Slides and The Power of a Greenscreen Come and see how a PE teacher can make his Google Slides engaging with GIFs and be very creative with a Green Screen for different activities. Simple tricks and tips for formatting can make a huge difference. Come learn how !

Whole Lotta GIFs GIFs are a short and simple way to have a big impact in education. In this session, I'll show you how teachers and students can create GIFs in three different ways using WeVideo along with some other app-smashing tools.

Grab your lunch and join us! LUNCH Interviews with DOINK & BOOK CREATOR, plus GIVEAWAYS!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

Ghosts, Angels, and Flying Kids: Engaging Green Screen lessons for Elementary Students Join me on a behind the scenes look at K-5 lessons I’ve designed that empower students to dynamically demonstrate understanding of curricular content with the magic of green screen using iPads Each of these elementary level lessons are adaptable to your students and content.

Cultivate Compassion through Creativity! Incorporate GREEN SCREEN & Video with SEL! Have you found a curiosity on how to use video lessons in your school or even virtual classroom? Are you CURIOUS on how you may utilize a Green Screen or video production to teach MINDFULNESS and SEL skills? If you answered “YES!”, then this session is for YOU! We as educators are always looking for innovative ways to inspire creativity and wonder in our students.

Taking Video Storytelling to the Next Level: Masking, Keyframing, & Rotoscoping Storytelling starts with manipulating reality. Join me as I show you how this can be easily accomplished through masking, keyframing, and rotoscoping in both greenscreen and non-greenscreen locations. In this session, I will take you step-by-step on how I introduce these tools to my 6th-8th grade students. I will share samples of their projects and some curricular projects as well.

Grab your lunch and join us! LUNCH Interviews with BUNCEE & WEBAROUND plus GIVEAWAYS!

JOIN US FOR... #GreenScreen4EDU COMMUNITY chat From 9:30 to 10:00 we will be on LIVE for ALL tickets holders! Sneak peek of ROCK YOUR GREEN SCREEN mini-course & VIP vault! Special EXTRA mini-presentations MORE giveaways! From 10-12 we are hosting VIP TICKET HOLDERS Q&A zoom sessions! VIP ticket holders please check your email on July 7th to sign up for a ZOOM time slot!

Green Screen effects and chroma key functions in Adobe Premiere Learn the basics in creating a fascinating green screen presentation from using camera equipment to non-linear editing software! We'll take a trip to Europe and see all the sights and sounds without having to leave the classroom! I'll take you through a real project I am doing to support a group of teachers in my school who are putting out an announcement for an upcoming trip to Europe.

Going Green …Screen That Is! Today’s diverse learners should be creators of content not merely consumers. Looking for ways to level up lessons and increase student engagement? Seeking tools to foster creativity and amplify student voice? Join me to gain ideas and resources to support all subjects and grade-bands. I will be sharing some of my favorite tools and apps to create video content.

Green Screen Idea Machine (an App-Smash Adventure!) Welcome beginners! We will start with a great surprise....did you know that Screencast-O-Matic is an easy tool for making green screen videos? That's the Green Screen Machine that we’ll learn to use first. After that, it’s an “Appsmash Avalanche” as I show you at LEAST 12 fun ideas for appsmashing your creations with other awesome edtech tools, apps, & sites!

Simple Presentation Tricks to Wow Your Audiences! Join me for a whole bunch of tips and tricks that can make your presentations POP and your podcasts personal and inviting! Bonus: I'll connect the tips in ways to put YOU in the stories, showcase your WHY, and bring in the SDGs.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

WHAT?! Remove Backgrounds, Create GIFs, & Videos: I Didn’t Know Microsoft Could Do That! Looking to use Microsoft products such as Paint 3D, PowerPoint, and Video Editor to create stunning projects? Join this presentation to acquire easy-to-use ways to enhance your projects. Microsoft products can do things now that were not possible before. Your life will be changed forever.

Podcasting and Sound Design! How to launch your student podcast Learn how to show your students how to record audio and how to create their very own podcast! Broadcast Worldwide. 2 parts: one will use a free high quality web based music production tool to get students involved in the audio end of the creative world. Part two will focus on how to use podcasting to give students a voice and a gallery for their creative endeavors.

Greenscreen 101: Tips and Tricks to Get Started Join me for a Greenscreen 101 session where we will cover the basics of getting started with greenscreen! I'll share some of my favorite budget-friendly tips for how to level up creativity and get going with green screen, share best practices for student creativity, and share some awesome ideas to get you started!

Green Screen Yourself into Slides! Power up your Slides presentations by using a green screen. This session will show you how to make visually amazing Slides, which you can bring to life with yourself or your students with the magic of Green Screen. I’ll also share a quick tip about how to really bring your Google Classroom to life!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

Green Screen Magic for the Littles Littles can do green screen too! See how you can engage your littles with some green screen magic. Learn how to make green screen more meaningful and fun to learn! Green screen magic has the potential to give students deep, creative learning experiences.

Student Broadcasting with Google Tools, Green Screen and WeVideo on a Low Budget This session will go over all the tools I use with my middle school students to create a student broadcast. I will share how I use Google Tools, Green Screen and WeVideo to make the magic happen. I will share all the software and hardware tools we use to create our daily newscast. We use the Green Screen for pre-production and for the live show.

Digital Storytelling: Culturally Responsive Photography and Photo-editing A great look at how we can embed oral and visual storytelling in the classroom space, at all age levels. We will also touch on “Rediscover Your Voice: Improving Our Teaching Practices Through Podcasting” is a look at the impact that Podcasting has on us, as educators!

Green Screen Without A Green Screen Have you ever wanted to try using green screen technology in your classroom but the technology seemed intimidating, or maybe you don't have a green screen? I'll show you how to create green screen effects with some web tools and apps that you are already using, and introduce you to some new ones. After this session, you'll look like a pro as you create images and videos at the snap of your fingers. I encourage you to pause the tutorials many times during the session, roll up your sleeves, and try these ideas out. This session is perfect for newbies!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

DETAILS SOON coming to VIP ticket holders via EMAIL!

DETAILS SOON coming to VIP ticket holders via EMAIL!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

OMG! Check out my session Saturday AM! Get it together with ADOBE SPARK! Yaaas! Want to learn about a FREE web editing video platform, Whaaaat Yes! Free, and Web based! Adobe Spark Video is a crazy simple video creator that will transform your classroom. Weather you have little students or older students, Adobe Spark had your back!