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Arsakeio Senior High School students share their views about the benefits of music

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The impact


Arsakeio Senior High School of Thessaloniki, Greece

The powerful impact of music (By Stathis)






Music triggers positive feelings(By Marilisa)

Music contributes to human health and longevity (By Konstantina)

Music Raises IQ and Academic Performances (By John)

How music is beneficial to our memory(By Dimitra)

Music makes the world go round!(By Marios Antonios)


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'The powerful impact of music' BY STATHIS

Sometimes in life people grieve. People feel all kinds of emotions. Music is almost an emotion itself. In my perspective music can be an escape, for however long you desire. It can be a professional interest or just a way of escaping the everyday routine. It is crucial for many reasons. Music has been called “a way of life” for many human beings. Somehow, it has made a large influence on the world. I can think of many instances where music has influenced my life. Music effects our everyday lives and can almost be an incomprehensive predicament. Music today is powerful and has a lot more meaning than just sounds and words.Music is so powerful that it has the power to manipulate and influence individuals in a positive or negative way. It can tell an artist life story, things that have been through, and even their opinion on certain views. The most powerful function of music, however, is its ability to express our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Music has been so important to me, I would venture to say that without it, I would not be alive. I listen to it every single day multiple times. It has helped me tremendously with my problems in life and often I think of it as a very loyal and caring friend. Depending on the different music genres we shift our moods respectively and manage to prolong our happiness, grief and anger.

For many people such as me music is also conducive to concentrating. I find myself quite often putting on some classical music to enhance my focus while studying but that is something not many people agree on.In conclusion, we can all realize how important music is in our lives and we should appreciate its impact. People that haven’t discovered the magic of music yet are missing a lot since the effects of it are more than beneficial.

'Music triggers positive feelings'By Marilisa


It’s an undoubtful fact that music has a huge impact on our lives and has helped people from all around the world with different ways. Many people can’t imagine their lives without music, as it affects their everyday life. However why is it so important?First and foremost, music has taken a special place at people’s hearts as it can create a variety of emotions. For example, music can lift up somebody’s mood and create emotions full of happiness and joy.That’s definitely helpful when someone is feeling sad about something, as she or he has the opportunity to just put their favorite song on and forget about it. Thus, music has also helped people to get through difficult times such as depression.This is very important, because the majority of people suffer from these kind of problems and thanks to music that releases hormones such as dopamine and serotonin they can overcome them and feel happy again.

There are surely more benefits that music has, but in my opinion this one is the most important as people wouldn’t be able to move forward from difficulties and they wouldn’t be as joyful as today.

'Music contributes to human health and longevity'By Konstantina


Music is a language that has the power to express people’s feelings and thoughts. A language so fertile that covers the whole spectrum and variety of emotions of everyone. From antiquity until today, music is a very important element for humanity, as it affects our brain and psychology in various positive ways and has a huge impact on our lives in general.One of the most common ways music affects our daily life, is the impact it has to our mood. Music has the power to heal, excite and relax people depending on the emotional state in which they are at the moment. Depending on the occasion and the kind of music which one will go for, music boosts and physiologically supports people in either pleasant or unpleasant moments of their life.

Through music, people feel the need to discover the song lyrics or melody, which addresses to their soul, mind and consciousness. Additionally, music greatly improves our memory skills.Researches have shown that music enhances the retrieval of information in our brain, and thereby exerting a positive effect in our memory. It also helps to improve verbal memory, namely language skills which makes us learn and understand a new language better. Apart from its psychological effects, music is also known as a whole medical science. According to biology studies, music contributes to human health and longevity. The well-known method of music therapy aims to the curative and pedagogical ways, which approach and heal people from serious health issues, such as heart attacks, problems in the respiratory system and also moving issues.Fortunately, there are many examples of people; even the mobility impaired ones, who have been healed from years of illness due to the intensive music therapy which awakens both the body and spirit. In conclusion, if someone writes and composes songs, or plays a music instrument, he has the additional chance to really express himself artistically and communicate his inner world, feelings and thoughts to the other people.

'How music is beneficial to our memory'By Dimitra

We can all think of at least one song that, when we hear it, triggers an emotional response. It might be a song that accompanied the first dance at your wedding, for example, or a song that reminds you of a difficult break-up or the loss of a loved one. Given this deep connection we have with music it is perhaps unsurprising that numerous studies have shown that it can benefit our mental health. More specifically certain songs have the ability to remind us of certain periods or events in our lives – some that make us smile, and some we would rather forget. Researchers also mention that listening to music can help you learn and recall information more efficiently.However, it depends on how much you like this type of music and whether or not you play a musical instrument. Music can elicit emotions and memories and help provide a link to a person's past. Furthermore, recent findings suggest that musical training delays cognitive decline and promotes brain plasticity in the elderly’s brain.


In one study, researchers gave people tasks that required them to read and then recall short lists of words. Those who were listening to classical music outperformed those who worked in silence or without noise. The same study tracked how fast people could perform simple processing tasks — matching numbers to geometrical shapes — and a similar benefit showed up. Music by Mozart helped people complete the task faster and more accurately. While music doesn’t reverse memory loss experienced by people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, it has been found to slow down cognitive decline, helping people with mild or moderate dementia remember episodes from their lives.All things considered; music memory is one of the brain functions most resistant to dementia. That’s why some caregivers have had success using music to calm dementia patients and build trusting connections with them. Having this in mind we must not forget that listening to music benefits us individually and collectively.

'Music Raises IQ and Academic Performances'By John

We all like music and a lot of people would like to have musical education. Most people would also like to be able to play a musical instrument or sing well. But, the question raised is exactly how much can musical education have impact on ourselves and whether it could actually improve our cognitive skills and academic abilities. According to research conducted by Dr. E. Glenn Schellenberg not only can music lessons boost intelligence and academic performance but the more musical education one receives, the larger the effect. In 2004, Schellenberg noticed that 6-year-olds who had been given a year of voice or piano lessons saw a significantly larger increase in IQ than a control group that waited a year for musical instruction.Schelenberg’s early experiments showed that musical education does indeed raise intelligence and academic performance but he still had one question to answer: “Would the positive effects be increased if the subjects received more lessons?”


Schellenberg’s most recent study showed that the extent of the positive impact of musical education to a person’s brain is indeed proportionally linked to the amount of music lessons they have received. Schellenberg isn't sure why music lessons are associated with higher IQ and stronger academic performance, but he has several theories: Children with higher IQs have more cognitive ability to handle the mental challenges of music lessons and school, so music lessons probably exaggerate that advantage. School itself boosts IQ, so the school-like features of music lessons such as learning to read music might also lead to improved intellectual functioning, Schellenberg speculates.With all these positive effects of music in mind, would it be irrational to start considering music education as a core school module?

'Music makes the world go round!'By Marios-Antonios

Music is one of the 7 arts and one of the most revolutionary and important parts of humanity. Music is culture and history intertwined that describes wars and traditions. It has helped humans through some of their most difficult times of survival or has been created to honor the victories and the losses of the past. It can be sad or happy, slow or fast, vivid or soothing. Music expresses the way people feel through different times of their lives. That’s why it’s one of the most important arts.Without it, people can’t dream, can’t survive a life without it. It’s part of their emotions. It helps them express their emotions or psychologically supports them. It flows through their ears and vibes their entire body in a rhythm that only they can understand because music is connected to dreams, hopes or memories. In other words, it’s very nostalgic. That’s why everyone in one way or another loves it.

In addition to that, music is inspirational and it always depends on people’s mood. That’s why there are many kinds of music depending of the way they feel. Scientists have proved that music can help in more concentrated studying, or in a healthier sleep. The reason that music helps in studying is because students can absorb the things they read better when they are emotionally calm while listening to music. After that, it is very important to mention that music is very helpful when it comes to sleep. Exactly because it calms people or make them feel better and safer, they tend to relax and be relieved from stress, sadness or pain.To sum up, music is very important for everyone because firstly it is part of humanity’s culture, it’s everywhere, it makes the world a better place, it is very inspiring and it helps everyone in one way or another…..