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For children to achieve their very best, they need to feel confident that they can achieve anything. We encourage children to take risks with their learning and instil a belief that they can achieve in all aspects of life. We provide a variety of opportunities to give children an opportunity to shine and develop and believe in themselves. We employ Art, Language, Drama, Forest Schools and Music specialists to teach our children and nurture talent across our curriculum. We have found that if a child can succeed in any area, it gives them the confidence to achieve in all areas. We strongly believe that life skills build our children's confidence and place a great emphasis on these skills being explicitly planned in to each of our topics.

We want children to be role models and to lead by example by showing each of our values every day. Excellence in learning is reflected most in our children's attitudes to learning. We want children to be excellent in showing kindness and care towards one another. We want children to show excellence by being tolerant of one another and wanting the best for themselves, recognising their talents and strengths but also setting themselves challenging goals to be better.

Determination is a quality that we help develop in children as this is a life skill that will equip them into their adult life. We maintain a challenging dialogue between teachers and children through our assessments, where children are asked to extend their thinking or to edit and improve their work. We create an environment where children recognise failure as part of learning (First Attempt In Learning) we want children to talk about learning not just through their successes but also their failures so they can see how much progress they have made. This helps to generate a buzz and excitement around learning in every classroom where children recognise the journey they have been on.

When a child starts Painters Ash then the whole family become part of the Painters Ash Community. The Painters Ash Community is at the heart of all we do. We want pupils to nurture that sense of belonging to Painters Ash; we encourage children to care for and respect for themselves as well as one another. Parents play a pivotal role in our community as it is a strong partnership between home and school that ensures that a children thrive and offer the best possible learning experience to each individual. We welcome involvement with the wider community and our governors play an active role in our School as does the PTA.

In order for children to succeed at Painters Ash, we recognise that we must provide the environment, the resources but most importantly, embed an ethos where we can. This involves the whole school community and starts from the moment children enter in reception. We want parents to be active participants in their children's learning, encouraging them to share their learning experiences each day. Our curriculum is designed to provide these exciting learning opportunities so children will share them readily. We know that hard work will be a cornerstone of success. We work to support children to make them resilient so they can meet failure and have the determination to work beyond that. We invest in learning tools and modern technology in order to equip children for the next step along their journey and most importantly, we regularly share success and reward children for demonstrating these qualities that underpin our values